4 Topics to Avoid in Bed - Don't Talk About These!

4 Topics to Avoid in Bed - Don't Talk About These!

Sex is not only defined by intercourse. Sex begins with prior flirting and suggestion, it is unleashed during foreplay, it peaks during penetration and culminates in a marvelous way afterwards, when the couple is in bed, completely exposed and sensitive, still enjoying the past sensations. It's precisely that same vulnerability that makes it important for us to talk after sex. Have you ever had a conversation in bed with your partner after sex? You probably have. And there are at least 4 topics to avoid in bed. Do you know what they are? We at oneHOWTO will explain.

Topics you should avoid in bed: the past = former partners

This topic should never ever come into the conversation in bed or after sex. Why? Because at such an intimate and vulnerable moment nobody cares whether an ex of yours pleased you more or less, how sex was with him/her, what they did or what they should have done. Comparisons are hateful, so don't bring up ex partners under any circumstances. If you do not want to spark a scene involving jealousy and hurt sensitivity, you should realize that this is not the best time to talk about the past.

Topics you should avoid in bed:negative sexual performance

I'm always the first to encourage couples to improve their sexual communication and get used to talking about sex. But, and there is always a but; this exercise should not be done in bed when the couple first has sex, much less referring to what happened minutes ago, because this is a very delicate moment in which nobody wants to hear criticism or advice.

Such issues should be addressed in a less intimate environment, when both are less vulnerable and more open to listening to certain things. Otherwise it could trigger a discussion or an episode where they could end up feeling bad.

Topics you should avoid in bed: negative comments about physical appearance

Stop and think for a moment: both of you are naked, having seen much (sometimes every detail) of the other person's body, after sharing maximum intimacy. Does this seem like a good time to tell your partner, "hey babe, looks like you've gained a few pounds, right?"

There is not even a reason to discuss this point further. Unless you want your partner to hate you, avoid these conversations in bed.

Topics you should avoid in bed: Engagement / marriage / children

Doesn't this topic seem a bit awkward? Talking about these things after sex gives us the feeling that the other wants to take advantage of our vulnerability to trap us, and the one who is cornered will feel attacked. This is also something you should never talk about on a first date, but It is better to have these conversations when clothed, in a less intimate setting and with a coffee or drink in between.

Extra bonus: Never say 'I love you' for the first time

Sometimes, after such intense and strong emotions, having both climaxed, one of you may have the impulse to say these three words that could change your entire relationship. Why isn't it a good idea? Because, although it may slip your tongue, the adrenaline that's still working around your system may rush you into saying I love you without actually meaning or feeling it. Moreover, the other person may also interpret it as an impulse, not as a sincere gesture. It's OK to say I love you to a person you are used to saying these words to, but it's not such a good idea if this is going to be the first time.

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