5 Most Effective Herbal Teas to Enhance Your Sexual Libido

5 Most Effective Herbal Teas to Enhance Your Sexual Libido

Increasing sexual desire and improving relationships are two of the most common concerns in human beings. Over time, the stresses of everyday life, insomnia or falling into a rut in your sex life can cause your libido to decrease. To rekindle your sexual appetite, try incorporating some aphrodisiacs into your daily life.

there are many changes you can make to your lifestyle that can help to kick-start your sex life again. Do you want to know more? Read on to discover a list of the most effective herbal teas to enhance your sexual libido.

Teas to enhance your libido: Mint and Cinnamon

Mint is considered one of the best teas for enhancing sexual libido and increasing libido. This ingredient alone is a powerful natural aphrodisiac, but when combined with cinnamon it's effects are doubled and makes for a mind-blowing sexual stimulant.

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Aphrodisiac Herbal Tea: Cardamom

A Cardamom Infusion is an excellent natural aphrodisiac due to its high zinc content, an essential mineral for stimulating the sex drive. This plant, native in India, also encourages strong blood circulation and regulates digestion. To enhance its aphrodisiac properties and get better results, you could add a tablespoon of ground coffee to further stimulate the nervous system and get your pulse racing!

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Aphrodisiac Infusions: Vanilla

Vanilla pods have a powerful euphoric effect, which helps to boost sexual apathy and increase libido levels. Vanilla has been used for centuries by Hindus in their homes to encourage a relaxed atmosphere and heighten sexual passion. Its soothing properties, aroma and flavour make it one of the most effective aphrodisiac teas and natural stimulators.

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Teas to boost your libido: Ginger

Many cultures see ginger as one of the greatest natural aphrodisiacs for men. Because it stimulates the nervous system, ginger produces stronger and longer lasting erections. To increase the aphrodisiac properties, we can combine with a little honey, which is also regarded as stimulating sexual desire due to the minerals present. A food supplement to increase libido naturally is Chyawanprash, also rich in spices.

Aphrodisiac Infusions: Ginseng

Finally, ginseng is another strong natural aphrodisiac. This is because it has the ability to improve male erections and increase libido in women. However, it is important to stress that, despite its numerous health properties, ginseng also has some contraindications. So, make sure you do not over-consume this potent aphrodisiac.

How to take teas to enhance your libido

As with any medicinal plants, you must exercise caution when taking them and weigh up their benefits and contraindications. It is therefore not advisable to drink more than two cups of aphrodisiac infusions a day or to drink them daily for a long period of time.

It is always advisable to take a break of three to five days regularly and consult a specialist who can give you some expert advice. As for the best time to drink them: according to experts, they shouldn't be consumed immediately after a meal.

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