7 Signs A Woman Likes You

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
7 Signs A Woman Likes You

You have surely found yourself asking the question of whether or not she likes you countless times. It is not always easy to tell if a woman is into you, especially if you're not the most perceptive person. Therefore in the following OneHowTo article we are going to help you by giving you some hints and tips on how to know yourself if she digs you. Her gestures, curiosity and comfort level when around you can be quite revealing, so pay attention and read on to discover 7 Signs a woman likes you.

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Steps to follow:

Her smile is one of the main signs that she really likes you. If when you speak, she give you a mischievous smile or if you often provoke a nervous giggle then consider yourself lucky. This means that they are enjoying your company and they like talking to you. Do not forget that women greatly value a sense of humour and this is certainly something they look for in a potential mate.

7 Signs A Woman Likes You - Step 1

Their gaze also tells a story. If a woman focuses on you and throws intermittent and fleeting glances, it is clear that they find you charming. Additionally, you can confirm your suspicions by fixing your eyes on her and seeing if she looks back at you in a very subtle way with a sensual smile.

7 Signs A Woman Likes You - Step 2

Do you bump in to her too often? It's not that she has the ability to read your mind and guess where you are going to be, but when a woman is interested she will find out where you are going and will try to create opportunities to see you that seem coincidental. If this is the case, she probably wants you to talk to her.

7 Signs A Woman Likes You - Step 3

It is rare that a woman approaches you accidently, and if she starts to engage in physical contact with you "by accident", then it is a clear sign that you likes you. You are talking and suddenly she touches your shoulder, hand, shirt or even rubs your leg...these all are signs that she craves a closer relationship between you two, so do not hesitate to return the gesture if you are also interested.

7 Signs A Woman Likes You - Step 4

Another of the 7 signs that confirms that a girl is attracted to you, is that she remembers many details of your previous conversations. If she likes you, she will remember almost everything that you tell her and also be interested in your tastes, interests, aspirations, as well as issues relating to your family and those around you.

7 Signs A Woman Likes You - Step 5

When a woman likes you, she will not fear your being close to her and will not feel intimidated every time you try to approach her. Quite the opposite in fact, she will like it and, although she may seem a little nervous, she will also want you to know that she is attracted to you. Try to approach them at the appropriate pace and do not rush them and respect their space.

7 Signs A Woman Likes You - Step 6

We finish the list of 7 Signs a woman likes you with some of the signs that her Body Language will give you. In these situations of attraction and seduction, gestures do not lie. Take notes!

  • She looks straight at you when you speak and tilts her head slightly.
  • When standing, her feet are slightly apart and agitated, and her shoulders are pointed in your direction.
  • Continuously touches and plays with her hair or the clothes she is wearing.
  • Keeps her eyes on yours when you speak or looks towards other parts of the face such as the lips.
  • She smiles every time that you look at her.
  • She blushes often while around you.
7 Signs A Woman Likes You - Step 7

If you think she likes you and the feeling is mutual, the next step is to make her fall in love with you. At, we have plenty of advice on winning the girl of your dreams. Trust us!

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7 Signs A Woman Likes You
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7 Signs A Woman Likes You

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