7 Ways To Tell If A Man Is Good In Bed

7 Ways To Tell If A Man Is Good In Bed

We hear a lot about the signals that we constantly, and almost without noticing, send out to others that reveal things about us. Our body posture, gestures, and choice of words reveal things about our behaviour that we sometimes don't realise we are displaying. And when it comes to good sex, for some girls it is much more convenient to know if he will satisfy them before they even get that far, and this is a mission that is not impossible. At OneHowTo.com we show you 7 ways to tell if a man is good in bed.

Steps to follow:

If you already are a detail-orientated and observant person, it will be easier to tell whether or not a man is good in bed. Then, there are things which speak for themselves, so pay attention and be ready to spot them.


He is ambitious in his work. Usually men who are successful or who are constantly seeking to do better at their job do the same in the sexual area, which means he is a lover who does not like to go unnoticed.


An adventurer is almost always a man who will give you a lot of pleasure in bed. Since he loves a thrill and adrenaline rush, sex is a great field in which he can explore these elements.


A man who is creative is rarely a bad sign. He takes you on different and unique dates, he always has good ideas and is open to new possibilities. If you translate all of this into intimate levels he is sure to be a good lover.


When you speak he looks at you intently, he is interested in what you say, cares about your opinion and always takes your feedback into consideration. This is an unquestionable sign that he is a good in bed because during intimacy he will always try to please and devote himself to you without hesitation.


If you've ever been with a guy who often plays sport or works out, you will know that their performance in bed is remarkable, as they have increased blood flow resulting in firmer, longer-lasting erections, giving you both a lot of pleasure. Not good in bed? These tips will help you turn your sexual encounters around.


When dancing he does it without feeling self-conscientious and moves confidently, and he may even display some sensuality. Believe it or not dancing can give us clues as to how we are in bed. Whether or not either of you have much rhythm or aren't great dancers, if you move freely without worrying about it, this is a good sign.

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