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8 tips to Flirt with Someone

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
8 tips to Flirt with Someone

You have decided that this time you will be open to the possibility of meeting someone interesting, and why not? You flirt a little with that person, but it's apparent you've been off the market for a while or one move or another gives you some doubts about what the best way to flirt with someone is for positive results. has taken this into account and made the perfect article for you, discover 8 tips for flirting that are unbeatable!

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Steps to follow:

Use the power of your smile, a weapon that will open more doors than you think. If you've seen someone you are interested in but do not know if you should go over to them, look at them, smile and wait for the answer. If the gesture is returned, don't hesitate to go over to him or her and exchange a few words

8 tips to Flirt with Someone - Step 1

Confidence is key, whether or not you're the most attractive person at the party, it's important that you like yourself a lot! This way you won't lose perspective and the other will quickly notice your confidence which will be like a magnet.


Attitude is what counts and we all know that. So take advantage of it and stay open to sensuality, though without exaggerating it, just so they know that you're sexy and can own it fearlessly.

8 tips to Flirt with Someone - Step 3

GO OUT! How else do you expect to find someone? The perfect person will not come to your door, or maybe they will, but you'll need really good luck. See and be seen, get out occasionally for a drink, go for a walk through the city to places where you know you'll easily meet people. You never know if someone wonderful is waiting for you out there

8 tips to Flirt with Someone - Step 4

Being natural is a big part of flirting, no practiced words, repeated dialogs, acting when you talk or communicate your ideas. Simply act natural and remember that sometimes "less is more".

8 tips to Flirt with Someone - Step 5

Don't fall into "the attitude of the hunt", that is, to sit at the bar and watch everyone, waiting for someone to approach or for a deer to hunt. People notice it and nobody likes to know that they have been selected for a pickup, let the situation flow naturally without expectations and something will certainly come along.


Similarly, if the opposite happens and you realise that someone has noticed you, do not run immediately to pounce on them. Wait a bit and play with the art of seduction, look back at them, smile, continue to talk with your friends and wait for a response. If you get one, then you can make the next move no matter whether you are male or female, you have nothing to lose.

8 tips to Flirt with Someone - Step 7

Define what you want: Flirting for a night? Just sex? To find your perfect match? Depending on your expectations, it will be easier or more difficult to flirt. Some good advice is to relax and let things flow, enjoy the moment without pressure and then see what happens.

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8 tips to Flirt with Someone