Best Sex Positions in Water

Best Sex Positions in Water

It is important to know what are the best sex positions in water in order to enjoy the experience to the maximum. Do you want to do it in a pool, a jacuzzi, in the shower or maybe in the sea? Having sex in water is for many people something that is very tempting and enjoyable, it is a perfect way to skip routine and enjoy some privacy in places that are a little different to the usual. The missionary position is not the only sex position you can enjoy in water, as you will discover in our tips on the best sex positions in water. If you want to enjoy some super soaked sexy moments with your partner do not miss out on the following oneHOWTO article where we give you a list of the best sex positions in water. They are ideal for a more rewarding experience.

Prepare before sex in water

Before seeing what the most recommended Kamasutra positions for having sex in water are, take note of the following advice to ensure nothing turns down the passion and that the experience is as pleasurable as possible:

  • Water reduces the natural lubrication of the vagina, to achieve satisfactory penetration it is advisable to use an intimate lubricant that is waterproof.
  • Just like out of the water, in the water yo must still use a condom but, when you have sex in water, the condom should be put on before contact with water. Latex and water do not get along so if you are in a stable relationship with your partner you can make use of other contraceptive methods.
  • Once in the water, you will have to check before starting penetration that the condom remains well positioned so to avoid any possible breakage.
  • When intercourse is over it is important to hold the base of the penis firmly before removing it from the vagina. That will prevent the condom from staying inside the vagina.

Now let's see what are the best sex positions in water.

Best sex positions in water: the hug

Whether you are going to enjoy a good sex session in the sea, the pool or the jacuzzi, the most comfortable and enjoyable posture to do it in the water is the hug. The man stands and has to carry the woman, she stays in front of him, mounted on his hips and her legs hugging him. Once in this position, he can hold her buttocks and pull her body to make way for sexual penetration. Both can set the pace of the intercourse and at the same time share very passionate and ardent kisses.

Best sex positions in water: delight

If the jacuzzi, pool, bathtub or shower has stairs or a small wall on which to sit then the sexual position delight is another of the best options. Delight is the best sex positions in water for small spaces where you can not make much movement. She should sit with her bottom close to the edge and he should kneel in front of her, his penis must be positioned at the same height as her vagina to be able to penetrate it. The man will have to hold the woman's waist and pull her body; this position is extremely pleasurable for women as the clitoris is slightly stimulated during penetration.

Best sex positions in water: puppy

The puppy sex position is certainly a favourite for men but also very pleasant for women and a great option to enjoy a wild and passionate encounter. He takes the woman by the waist and enters from behind, she can relax and move the body forward and even rest the hands on the edge of the jacuzzi, the pool or tub. Also, if she likes anal play he can stimulate the anus during intercourse and increase the arousal and pleasure.

Best sex positions in water: the hammock

If the intimate encounter will take place in a low pool, a bathtub, a shower or a hot tub with little water, then one of the best sex positions in water is known as the hammock. It is quite comfortable and offers total physical contact, so that both can surprise the other with kisses, licks and erotic bites. The man should sit with legs slightly bent and she should be placed on him between his legs and his chest and gently begin penetration.

Best sex positions in water: the subjected

In the event that sexual encounter is to take place in a fairly large bathtub in which you can both lie down, one of the best sex positions in water is a variant of the subjected. The man should lie in the bath and the woman then sits on his erect penis with her back to him. She can support her arms on his and gain momentum to start setting the pace of the penetration.

We hope you will enjoy our best sex positions in water!

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