Do Guys Like Girls with Glasses?

Do Guys Like Girls with Glasses?

The surprising result of several surveys was that not only guys like girls with glasses, but also that attractive girls look better with glasses than without, if the glasses fit them well.

Still, it is estimated that millions of girls worsen their vision because they do not wear spectacles as much as they should. This is probably because most girls think a girl with glasses cannot be attractive, or even that glasses make a girl ugly. In the Hollywood romantic comedies of the 80s and the 90s, the girl with glasses was the loser, nerdy type. We grew up thinking that and many girls still think glasses are not attractive. Today, at oneHOWTO we will debunk that myth with facts, similarly to what we did with men's opinion on chubby girls and the size of breasts. We will discuss: are glasses on a girl attractive? We will teach guys how to compliment a girl with glasses, and how to kiss a girl with glasses, and reveal: Do guys like girls with glasses?

Do guys like glasses on a girl?

The short answer is yes, guys like girls with glasses. Of course it depends on personal taste but in a survey 90% of men interviewed said that "they would make passes at women with glasses".

Let's argument on this. While for about half of the men population glasses aren't a deal breaker, i.e. if you look good, you look good with and without glasses, another 40% of men think glasses add a little something to a girl's look, so they actually prefer girls with glasses.

If a girl wears the right kind of glasses to match her face, then she is even more attractive. While probably men have never minded much about if a girl wears glasses or not, these days glasses have become a whole new fashion and sexy item. With the nerd trend, and geeks becoming so popular, we started seeing some cool looks involving glasses for both boys and girls. Then came the hipsters, with their fetichising of glasses, to the point that people who do not need glasses get fake ones! And of course there is the porn industry, showing sexy teachers wearing glasses, a man's fantasy coming true. So do guys like glasses on a girl? Hell yeah, and not only hipster or nerd guys...

So, to answer to the question: do guys like girls with glasses, we can say that half of the men population do not consider it a deal breaker, neither a turn-on nor a turn-off, while another 40% have a thing for glasses, they fetichise glasses on girls. They can be hipsters, nerds, or men who love the librarian look. Another 10% prefer women without glasses, but that is a tiny minority.

Guys like girls with glasses, but let's see the reason why they find them so attractive.


Is a girl with glasses attractive?

While, as we said, for many guys girls can be attractive regardless of if they are wearing glasses or not, for some others girls with glasses are extra attractive. Let's see why.

Those are the top reasons given by men when answering the question: are glasses on a girl attractive?

  • Intelligence: unconsciously, glasses give an intellectual look, which sexually translates as the "librarian look": some guys love to fantasize about the nice, yet naughty librarian wearing glasses. On a non sexual level, who doesn’t like intelligent people?
  • Authority: men instinctively take girls with glasses more seriously as they look tougher. On a sexual level this translates as "the naughty teacher or secretary": this is another way a woman with glasses can appear to men.
  • Professionalism: girls with glasses appear more professional and straightforward.
  • Sweet, innocent girl: guys who find girls with glasses attractive are not all about tough, naughty women. Some love the naivety and innocence glasses evoke, the "college girl" look. It makes girls look less intimidating, more down to earth.
  • Glasses show a degree of confidence, especially if the girl wears them with pride.
  • Glasses show a girl's taste and sense of fashion, a girl who can choose the right kind of glasses is one level above!
  • Aesthetics: from an aesthetic point of view, guys find girls with glasses attractive because glasses divide the face, making it look more symmetrical and framed.
  • It is like having 2 girlfriends: guys who date girls with glasses say it is exciting to see their girls with 2 different looks: with and without glasses. It makes the relationship less boring.

To answer in a more straightforward way to the question: is a girl with glasses attractive, we can say that one third of men prefer their girl to leave glasses on during sex, just imagine how attractive glasses can be.

For some the question might be: do glasses make a girl ugly? In general no, but if a girl chooses a really ugly pair of glasses, then yes, glasses can make her ugly. But in general, glasses are attractive on a girl.

How to compliment a girl with glasses

To compliment a girl with glasses you can say something easy and straightforward such as: "Hey, you look great with your glasses on".

How to compliment a girl's glasses: if you want to highlight the beauty of the glasses she is wearing you could say: "Hey, I like your glasses" or "Nice/cool glasses". If you wear glasses too, it is funny and original to say: "Hey, your glasses look almost better than mine!". She will laugh!

How to tell a girl she looks good in glasses: if the girl in question is self-conscious about her glasses, you could say: " You look even prettier with glasses on" or "You look great in your glasses".

Sometimes it is easier to approach a girl with glasses because glasses can be a way to break the ice. You can compliment her glasses and you won't result too intrusive.

Now we know that guys like girls with glasses, let's see something practical: how to kiss a girl with glasses.

How to kiss a girl with glasses

First of all, can you kiss a girl with glasses on? Of course you can, and you shouldn't feel awkward.

How to kiss a girl with glasses? The same way you kiss a girl without glasses, but there are a few tricks to avoid making the glasses slide down: you can tilt her head slightly back, or slightly on the side. If things get passionate and wild, you better take off her glasses (which is also a sexy thing to do).

If both of you wear glasses, they can get in the way when you switch side while kissing, so just pull both your heads back before switching side.

Et voilà! You know how to kiss a girl with glasses!

So, do guys like girls with glasses? It seems like they do, a lot...

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