How are Leos in Bed

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 20, 2017
How are Leos in Bed

Have you ever wondered how Leos are on a sexual level? Well, Leos are people who are very passionate and amorous, which in terms of intimacy, makes for a sex life that's full of energy and vitality. If you are in a relationship with a Leo, we assure you that you'll never get bored or fall into a routine. At OneHowTo we'll describe in more detail how Leos are in bed, so you'll know where you stand and perhaps you'll be in for a surprise.

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Leos are all passion

Leos are primarily passionate in life in general, as well as in their sexual relationships. They're always ready to enjoy sex and abandon themselves with every sexual encounter. For Leos, sex is something fun, adventurous and a great place to show their most eccentric and uninhibited side.

How are Leos in Bed - Leos are all passion

Leos are very creative

In general, Leos live a life that's very creative and, on a sexual level, their creativity is even more pronounced. They're not afraid to show their feelings and to fulfil their most intimate fantasies, whatever they might be. They're not embarrassed to be sensual and provocative, and will make any sexual fantasy a reality, no matter how daring.

How are Leos in Bed - Leos are very creative

Leos need to be the centre of attention

For Leos, environment is important. Their world is that of the red carpet, a stage with lights, something very important for the people that have this sign. The more luxurious and exquisite the environment, the more they feel comfortable. If they have money to spare, they won't skimp on enjoying sex as it should be... in a decadent and glamorous place, in short, in an environment worthy of their power.

How are Leos in Bed - Leos need to be the centre of attention

Leos like to show their power

Leos love being the centre of attention and not just to be generous with their lover during sex. They like to create special environments with exquisite taste where luxury reigns. If you date a Leo, they won't hesitate to take you to an expensive and exclusive place to have sex. It's a way of demonstrating their power and privileged position.

How are Leos in Bed - Leos like to show their power

Leos love foreplay

Leos are big foreplay fans, where they can demonstrate their expertise. They love to take time and enjoy the moment with their partner. Foreplay is considered a game where they can unleash all of their passions, odd though they may be. So that the encounter is exciting and memorable. They love the limelight and role-playing games involving power.

How are Leos in Bed - Leos love foreplay

Leos are narcissistic and demanding

Leos have a personality that's somewhat egocentric and narcissistic. They love looking in the mirror normally, but during sex it's a real fetish. Watching themselves while they make love drives them crazy. In terms of their sex life, they're happy, optimistic and very demanding. Their personality and physique are often forceful and they don't usually mix with just anyone. A person must meet their physical and intellectual demands.

Leos are the boss

If you have a sexual relationship with a Leo, you should just let yourself go. They like being in control, both before and during sex. They like to dominate and they want their partner to feel attractive at all times, so during sex, adopt submissive behaviour and let them be in control. And don't forget to show your admiration for the good lover that they are. The more praise, the more you'll awaken their passion.

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How are Leos in Bed
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How are Leos in Bed

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