How are Libras in bed

How are Libras in bed

Libras are the sign of the zodiac represented by scales because they are fair, balanced and rational. However, they are also very sensitive and creative people for whom relationships with people go beyond simple contact: they seek to deepen their relationships and connect not only in a carnal way but also spiritually. At, we tell you how Libras are in bed in case you want to seduce someone of this sign and do not know what will please them and what won't.

Steps to follow:

Libra is an air sign and as such they are very aware of intellectual and rational people; therefore, the first thing you need to know to seduce a Libra in bed is that you must conquer their mind first to have sex with a person of this sign. It is important to show your more intellectual side, stimulating conversation, exchanging views and only then, will you also conquer them in bed.


Other essential points with a Libra are that they are very romantic and like it when sex is treated in a special way, almost artisticly. Therefore, you should give up on quick sex and work hard on the foreplay; also, Libras likes the game of seduction, looks and desire, so a good tip is to look them straight in the eye so they feel desired.


By treating sex as a mystical and artistic experience, sex with a Libra is anything but boring. The creativity this zodiac sign favours, in the sexual field, is innovative people willing to try new things: Do not say no to anything, the more you allow yourself, the more you get the Libra to enjoy sex the more you will enjoy it too.


Libras are creative and eager to try new things in the sexual field, as long as they feel comfortable with their bed partner. So if you've already conquered the mind of a Libra, you'll enjoy sex with this sign to the maximum as they are people with desires to experience new sensations, so try out less conventional sexual activities such as bondage or erotic toys.

It is also recommended to break the monotony of sex by having sex in public places or in unconventional places in the house. In this OneHowTo article we detail some places to make love at home that are not the typical bed.


As already mentioned, Libras believe that sex is more than just a pure physical contact, so every sexual act is taken as something unique and where you should immerse yourselves to satisfy the desires of both people. Therefore, Libras do not tolerate vulgarity or routine in sex, so encourage your most creative and seductive side to enjoy and make the most of reaching the maximum pleasure.


It is also important to know the zodiac signs that are compatible with Libras since they are a very sexually active and eager to meet new people. The signs which are most sexually compatible with Libras are:

  • Aries
  • Gemini
  • Scorpio
  • Sagittarius
  • Leo
  • Aquarius

Libras are very social people who very much like to relate to others, so their partners they seek will also be outgoing people with good people skills. They are people who listen well and know how to empathise well. They will also look at the beauty of things and are playful and very seductive people. In this article we tell you all about how a Libra in love is for you to discover this side of the sign and know the keys to conquer them.

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