How can I make him notice me

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How can I make him notice me

For weeks, even months you've been focussed on him, you find him interesting, attractive, but cannot find a way to focus his attention on you, or at least not the way you want him to. While this situation is very familiar during adolescence, the truth is that many experience it in adulthood and it is not always easy to make the guy you like notice you, so on we have some suggestions to help you and make him notice you.

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Key 1: don't be desperate

If there is something terrible in this world, apart from injustice and hunger, it's, a desperate woman. It is important to clear your mind, know that you like this guy, that want to be with him and overall act calmly , don't make this man your Prince Charming, the love of your life, act like it is: he is simply someone you like, so first of all look calm and not needy.

Key 2: do not pretend to be someone else

"He likes femme fatale women, so now I will wear leather pants and 20 inch heels" ... NOOOOO. Up until now he's liked "femme fatale" women, but nobody says he won't like you and your style. Everyone has their gifts and flaws and nothing better than showing yourself with them, believe it or not, authenticity is the real charm.

How can I make him notice me - Key 2: do not pretend to be someone else

Key 3: physical appearance and other myths

When it comes to making a man notice you, always think about physical appearance. "Dress up more, look more beautiful, wear a top that shows your cleavage"... well, it's not that these techniques do not work, what is important is not to concentrate only on them. Clearly man appreciates physical beauty, but beauty it's subjective and each man is different, highlight the strengths of your physical appearance, those that you know to be naturally beautiful, but without appearing too obvious, do it subtly and intelligently.

How can I make him notice me - Key 3: physical appearance and other myths

Key 4: Make him notice you

Beyond physical appearance, highlight those aspects that can help, if you're a girl who isn't scared of expressing your opinions intelligently, if you love to joke around occasionally, if you laugh often, if you're nice, friendly, make sure he notices you for the right reasons , this is the first step. Focussing on yourself is essential to bag your man, if you don't, how will he notice you?

Key 5: Sense of humour

Men have pick up strategies, don't just stand back and apply your own, is there anything better than a sense of humour?, This is always a good way to make a guy to notice you.

How can I make him notice me - Key 5: Sense of humour

Key 6: Commonalities

What can you do to spend hours talking with a perfect stranger?, obviously, something in common. We always have things in common with those around us, even a minimal element, so it is important to find something you both appreciate, a type of music, an author, film, sport.... something that allows you to chat with him in an enjoyable way and create empathy between the two of you, what are you waiting for to find it?

Key 7: point out what makes you unique

We all have something that makes us special, a hobby, a way of thinking, musical tastes, an attitude towards life, some detail of your personality that you know has not been reproduced in masses: it is time to use it to your advantage. Humans love to be unique, and men also value a different person, let him know that you're it.

Key 8: balance

Keep everything in balance, do not always be available, always ready for him, always attentive to his stuff, remember that you don't like getting too much attention either. Do not play the role of protective mother, show interest without seeming too interested. It is also important to be aloof.

Good luck!

These are simple tips to consider, but it is clear that attraction works in complex ways, just hope that with these tips he notices you, good luck!

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How can I make him notice me
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How can I make him notice me

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