How Do I Know if I'm Infertile - Women Infertility

By Mary Smith. Updated: May 16, 2017
How Do I Know if I'm Infertile - Women Infertility

There isn't a homemade method that can help you know if you're infertile or not, the only way and the best option is to visit your gynecologist and take the necessary fertility tests to tell you so. In this article, we'd like to give you useful information for the moment in which you're doubting whether you can have children or not. Generally, average couples take between 12 and 18 months in getting pregnant, once this time has passed, searching for medical attention is the most convenient thing to do.

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Keep calm

In a moment of pressure or stress, the worst thing you can do is getting nervous. If you have been trying to have children for months and haven't achieved it, keep calm, anxiety influences negatively in this process and could affect your ovulation, that's why it's important to get a grip on nerves.

Pregnancy takes its time

Although it seems like a simple process, getting pregnant successfully requires the unity of several elements. That's why it's important to give the process time and try to get pregnant in the most natural way, through sexual relationships. You can read this article if you want more information on natural ways that can help you get pregnant.

Lifestyle influences

Eat healthily, don't drink too much alcohol, don't smoke, all these habits that help you lead a healthier life will help you be more fertile. Your diet heavily influences the chances of you getting pregnant or not, therefore you should eat a healthy diet if you're planning on getting pregnant.

How Do I Know if I'm Infertile - Women Infertility - Lifestyle influences

End sexual relationships properly

Sex requires profound vaginal penetration to ensure that the sperm deposit is close to the cervix, which is why it's important to allow penetration from beginning to end, so the preseminal liquid can come into contact with the vaginal conduct. It's also important that your partner doesn't retreat after ejaculation until a couple of seconds have passed.

Find your fertile days

To get pregnant you need to have sexual relationships during your ovulation period, these days are between the 10th and 17th day of your menstruation period. At OneHowTo we explain you how to calculate your fertile days if you're not sure which they are.

Visit your doctor

To know if you're sterile or not you should visit your gynecologist. He/she will do several tests to know. The results are immediate, once you have them he'll be able to guide you on the steps you should take and, if necessary, take assisted reproduction.

How Do I Know if I'm Infertile - Women Infertility - Visit your doctor

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How Do I Know if I'm Infertile - Women Infertility
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How Do I Know if I'm Infertile - Women Infertility

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