How does lack of sex affect us

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How does lack of sex affect us

Much has been said about the effects of a lack of sex in our mood, character and health. But what really happens when we face a long bout of "Celibacy" ? On we give you some surprising answers about this topic to discover how the lack of sex affects us.

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Sex not only gives us pleasure but is also a great source of health, benefiting our body and mind greatly. But when it is absent or we only have sex sporadically, how does our body react?


Sex is one of the best cardio we can find, greatly benefiting our heart to minimize the risk of a heart attack. People with low sexual activity and who do not exercise increase the chances of heart disease.

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Sex is also a release of endorphins that make us feel happier, faced with an unhappy sex life we risk suffering from depression, self-esteem and insecurity issues, especially when the absence of sex occurs as a couple.

The dopamine expelled during sex also plays tricks on our mind, helping us boost our levels and encouraging us to work harder. This is why people who have not had sex for a long time find it harder (mentally) to work out at the gym and even get back to being sexually active.

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Among couples who for some reason don't have sex also have communication problems, this is because the active inner life helps us to be blended and feel closer to that person due to the release of oxytocin. When it ceases to exist, hostility and emotional distress increases.

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Wanting to have sex when you don't have a partner can also cause discomfort, and while perhaps is not the typical case of irritability and discomfort that many attributed to this scenario, especially to women, it generates tension and insecurity because we question the reason for our celibacy or inactivity.


Recent studies show that a lack of sex can affect our sleep making us more prone to insomnia and rest badly. This certainly is reflected in our ability to focus and face the day with energy.


Undoubtedly sex benefits our health and when it is an issue in couples it is a fundamental factor in maintaining stable and happier relationships. So if your sexual desire has declined and you do not know the causes we recommend visiting a specialist.

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How does lack of sex affect us
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How does lack of sex affect us

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