How Each Zodiac Sign Kisses

How Each Zodiac Sign Kisses

Although each person is different, there is no doubt for those who believe in astrology that certain characteristics of our personality are governed significantly by the Zodiac sign we belong to. Parts of our character, tastes and preferences can depend on the date on which we are born, a premise which also applies to compatibility between partners and intimacy.

In this oneHOWTO article we'll tell you how each Zodiac sign kisses. Are you ready to find out?

How does Aries kiss?

As a fire sign, Aries are highly passionate and active, which is reflected in the way they kiss. If they know that it will be reciprocated they often don't wait too long to kiss the other, and in doing so they give everything, kissing with great intensity and commitment.

But Aries also expect the same back, so it will be necessary to give as much to them. Kissing can from passion to romance in just seconds, making it very difficult to restrain yourself in front of them.

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How does Taurus kiss?

Another fire sign who gives everything when kissing. Taurus like long kisses, with great dedication and depth. Any friction or active implication, making that wish to demonstrate to the other all their feelings through their kisses.

They are a somewhat controlling, passionate and sensual sign so you'll want to take the reins of the kiss to end it, but next to a nice partner they let themselves go and teach them to give exactly what the other wants.

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How does Gemini kiss?

Gemini is the duality sign, the two-faced sign and the sign of contradictions, nevertheless they are very curious and active people who love sensuality, and so when kissing they are very versatile and are always guided by their emotions. Geminis never kiss the same, because they are really driven by your encouragement, so they always offer a new and delightful experience to their partner.

Although they are great kissers it takes them a lot to totally give themselves and they are often bored by routine, you need to be creative to keep on to them. Discover the features of this sign in our article what are Gemini like.

How does Cancer kiss?

Of all the signs of the zodiac Cancer is the most sensitive. Romantic and giving, they need to receive security when they kiss so they are often shy at first but if they are properly stimulated all that romance will flow inside them.

Speak during kissing, tell your partner romantic phrases and stroke them, they also like to get the same in return. Find the main characteristics of this sign in what are Cancer like.

How does Leo kiss?

Leos are pure intensity, seduction and great emotion. Usually they always show their feelings, and kisses are no exception. If they are attracted to their partner they kiss them in a very spirited way, they love passion and give their all when they are stimulated.

But they can also be cold if they kiss someone who inspires no emotion, so to captivate must have creativity, ingenuity and know seduce. Find out more about what leos are like in love in this article.

How does Virgo kiss?

People born under the sign of Virgo are analytical, perfectionists and very detailed, so that when they kiss they put a lot of reasoning in to it. They learn to kiss according to the occasion and if they don't feel passion from their partner it can be difficult for them to become passionate, yet they give everything in delicious kisses when they are with someone who knows how to take the initiative and ignite the flame.

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How does Libra kiss?

Known to be the sign of balance and moderation, but when kissing Libra is the most passionate, playful. They always know how to please and encourage their partner, so they are considered one of the great kissers of the Zodiac.

They give everything and this is not limited to the mouth, they get carried away by passion and drag their partner with them. They're not interested in shy people, so to kiss this sign you must be bold, like them. Know all its features in our article what are Libras like.

How does Scorpio kiss?

Hot, very hot, that's Scorpios and their kisses. They are great lovers, so when they kiss they do so with great intensity and passion, arousing all kinds of emotions in their partner.

They like sensual and passionate people to play with freedom, and although they can be dominant when kissing they love challenges and hard-to-reach people, which can awaken all their hunting instinct.

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How does Sagittarius kiss?

Sagittarius like to live in constant adventure, enjoy the challenges and emotions, so they are versatile kissers who maximally stimulate all the emotions of their partner. They like kissing with creativity and passion but also need the other person to do the same or else they get bored easily, you will have to stimulate their desire through this practice if you want to have him.

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How does Capricorn kiss?

Capricorn have the gift of always knowing what kind of kiss their partner needs. Intuitive and somewhat shy, when in confidence they may please the other by kissing prominently as the occasion demands, so they hardly disappoint their partner.

But in the beginning it can be difficult for them to take the lead because they are so reserved, so you must give them time to act. Discover what Capricorns are like and bring out the best of this sign.

How does Aquarius kiss?

Aquarius is a sign characterized by making the most of every moment living with intensity, so their kisses give the maximum, always offering their partner variety. It is a sign of passion and they have difficulty keeping their hands still, so when kissing they greatly enjoys playing the other showing them all their desire.

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How does Pisces kiss?

Pisces is a dreamy romantic sign, so they give everything in every kiss. But what they have in capacity to dream they lack in initiative, so they need to be with someone who is able to encourage full commitment and love all that you are able to give each kiss.

And if they can be properly stimulated they will kiss all the time, winning their partner. Find out every detail of their character in our article what are Pisces like.

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