How is Leo in love

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How is Leo in love

Fire signs are the most passionate and dedicated in loving relationships and Leos are one of them. Those born between July 23 and August 23 are usually people dedicated completely to love. Romance is one of the traits that characterise them the most, they love intense and movie romances. Leos are very generous and always ready to surprise their partner with gifts and unexpected invitations, nothing is too much for them when it comes to showing their love. If you want to know more about how Leos are in love, then in this OneHowTo article we will explain everything.

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A Leo in Love is a very loving person who loves hugs, and kisses... they offer the best of themselves when they are in love and give themselves completely to their partner. People born under this sign are incorrigible romantics; they love the promises of eternal love and wish with all their strength to live a fairy tale romance. Pay attention and give them unforgettable experiences at every turn.


They are very passionate and when they fall in love with one person they do everything possible to get him/her. They are impatient and very intense, not at all compatible with waiting and the process of courtship traits, that's why they are often so direct and show their interest without hesitation. As a Leo loses interest in their loved one, they have no hesitation to leave them and return to caring for another.


As people dedicated to love, maintaining a relationship with a Leo always becomes an unforgettable experience. Their great sense of romanticism and adventurous spirit makes every day with them unique. They love their partner and keep the passion of the first day throughout the relationship. All they have in romance they also have in drama and fire, and this is why they are offended very easily and making up usually ends in an intense session of sex.

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They are very sexual and love to enjoy sex and passion. However, despite being so passionate and fighting unconditionally for the person they love, they struggle to express their feelings and tend to hide behind a mask. To fully understand a Leo in Love you should know some traits of character: they love to be admired, flatter and respected. At the same time, they need their partner's personality and qualities turned to them to feel admiration, pride and not lose interest. That is why you must give your partner the same as a Leo gives and love them every day.


Fidelity is one of the values we associate with a Leo in Love. Despite being so fiery and having multiple partners throughout their lives, when they are in love with a person they are totally faithful. They hate lies and deceptions and therefore you must be honest with them.


They hate humiliation and feeling used, for them, love is very important and they have completely idolised it. So do not try to play with a Leo, they find it very difficult to forgive because of their pride and high ego. If you want to seduce a Leo you must provide the best you have and spare no romantic details. Remember that fairy tale romances, intense love and feeling desired are the key factors that characterise a Leo in Love.

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How is Leo in love