How to Attract a Taller Girl

How to Attract a Taller Girl

If you want to attract a taller girl, the key is confidence. You should be aware that she is taller and accept it, and never feel intimidated by that. That is the quality taller women appreciate the most.

Are you into Amazons? Or maybe you are a short guy so most women are taller than you? You are not alone, this situation is more common than you imagine. Many guys prefer to give up on attracting a taller woman because they think is weird, and especially fear what other people might think. However, if you are really into a taller girl, there is no reason why you shouldn't date her. In this oneHOWTO article we will give you the recipe to attracting a taller girl. First we will talk about the emotions involved, than we will explain how to approach a taller woman, how to date a taller girl, and how to attract a taller girl.

Tips on attracting a taller woman

So you want to know how to attract a taller girl... You might be surprised that the key to attracting a taller woman is mostly in your head, not in some specific action you should perform. Let's start with the mindset you should have if you want to date a taller girl.

Stereotypes: first, there is a gender stereotype about the guy having to be taller than the girl. Taller girls are aware of it, but most of them do not care. So, the first tip to attract a taller woman is to not care about gender norms and society: those norms are becoming every day less relevant. A taller woman will appreciate a guy who does not care about that stuff, and you will already be a step forward by just having the guts to approach a taller girl.

Preconceptions: most guys think that women are only attracted by guys who are taller than them, because they need to feel protected. That is not true. Many tall women do not care, and a short guy can be as protective as a tall one. So, if you want to attract a taller woman, show that you feel confident being protective of her even if you are smaller, that is confidence.

Insecurity: do you feel intimidated by taller girls? Does it make you feel inferior? You shouldn't because being attracted by a taller woman actually shows you are not intimidated and you have a strong personality. Or maybe it is what people think? That should be irrelevant to you, plus what people will really think if you date a taller girl is that you are confident. Not feeling insecure about height will surely attract a taller girl.

Acceptance: accept that she is taller from the very beginning. Do not ask her not to wear heels, do not take every occasion to stand on a step and look taller. She is taller and will always be. Acceptance will empower you and free your head from useless thought, allowing you to focus on more important things. Imagine how empowered you would feel, and how proud of you she would feel if you put your arm around her waist while she wears heels and looks fabulous. This is key if you want to know how to attract a taller girl.

Self-esteem: most tall women say they are lucky because their height screens away men who are not confident. Self-esteem is one of the characteristics women (and men) look for in a partner, and approaching a taller woman shows you have lots of it.

Unattainable: there is a myth that says tall women are unattainable. That is false. Tall women, even model types, get less attention than you would think. Actually, tall girls reveal in surveys that their height has been a source of emotional discomfort, especially while growing up. So they appreciate being approached. Keep that in mind if you want to attract a taller girl.

Masculinity: most men need a smaller girl to feel masculine. However, it is precisely men who feel comfortable with a taller woman who demonstrate they are "manly" as they don't need to be physically bigger to feel a man. Keep that in mind if you want to attract a taller woman, she will notice your masculinity and be crazy about it.

Now you know how you should feel emotionally if you want to attract a taller girls, let's see the practicalities...


How to approach a taller woman

There are dos and don'ts when it comes to how to approach a taller woman.

DOS when approaching a taller woman

  • You can mention her height only if you say something that shows her height is an asset for you. If she knows you are attracted by tall women, she will feel less self-conscious and more relaxed. Do not go on and on about it, a simple compliment about her great legs will be enough.
  • Be masculine and assertive: her height might have made her feel un-feminine at times so she will surely appreciate a guy who feels masculine and confident around her. Be a chevalier.
  • Be normal and relaxed: there is not much difference between approaching a shorter woman and approaching a taller woman, there is nothing weird about it, unless you create weirdness. So be confident, relaxed, and act naturally.

DON'TS when approaching a taller woman

  • Do not make jokes about her height: anything on the lines of: "do you play basketball?" or "what's the weather like up there?" is annoying.
  • Do not mention her height too often, that would show you are insecure and conscious about it.
  • Do not ask her how tall she is, she is fed up with that question.
  • Do not tell her you normally like petite girls, or she will feel un-feminine.

Those tips are important if you want to know how to get a taller girl to like you. Now let's come to when you two date.


How to date a taller girl

You were successful in attracting a taller girl, and you are now dating her. Here is how to date a girl taller than you.

  • Make her feel safe and protected: tall girls are used to men not being like that, it will be a refreshing change for her.
  • Kiss her first: it will show you know how to kiss a taller girl.
  • Make her feel a woman with capital W by putting your hand around her waist while you walk and by just being proud of her Amazon figure.
  • Don't feel emasculated by her height, never.
  • Behave as if you were dating a petite girls: she will love being pampered and protected.
  • Accept the fact that people stare at her, because she attracts lots of attention, be proud of it.

Now you know every little secret of how to attract a taller girl, enjoy your date!

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