How to Avoid Unwanted Pregnancy

How to Avoid Unwanted Pregnancy

When we start our sex life we are full of doubts, and have many questions about our bodies and our sexuality, and sometimes we feel that we have no one to answer them. This scenario is the one that often leads couples to face unwanted pregnancy, situation that is easily preventable if we are informed and follow the recommendations of specialists.

If you are sexually active and want to know how to avoid an unwanted pregnancy on we give some basic recommendations to consider.

How to avoid an unwanted pregnancy: understand how your body works

Initiation of sexual activity is not just about pleasure, it also requires an important responsibility, so it is necessary to understand how our body works to understand what times of the month you may become pregnant, and when not and what risky situations may get you pregnant. It is not always easy to know all this information, so we invite you to consult our article on how ovulation works for you to discover the how your menstrual cycle works in detail.

How to avoid an unwanted pregnancy: use condoms

If you really want to avoid an unwanted pregnancy it is important to take sex responsibly, so always use condoms. The condom is 97% effective at preventing unwanted pregnancies, besides being the only contraceptive method capable of preventing the spread of sexually transmitted such as the 4 types of human papillomavirus and HIV with 95% effectiveness.

Currently, condoms don't compromise on pleasure, and on the market you can find versions that offer the best feelings, so do not be afraid to use it and set it as a rule between you and your partner. Before sex, always make sure you have a condom nearby.

How to avoid an unwanted pregnancy: use other contraceptive methods

Contraceptive methods are the most effective way to prevent unwanted pregnancies. There are various hormonal contraceptives: the most popular of all is the pill, but you'll also find the patch, the coil, and the hormonal implant, each tailored to the different needs of women. Remember that hormonal contraceptives do not prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, but only prevent an unwanted pregnancy.

It is important that before you choose any of these methods you should visit your gynaecologist, your specialist will tell you which one is best for you.

How to avoid an unwanted pregnancy: See your gynaecologist

Why is it so important to visit your gynaecologist when you start having sex? Because a doctor is able to answer all our questions without any problems, without shame or confusion, without misconceptions. Not all girls are encouraged to talk with their parents or older relatives about sex, this is why going to a gynaecologist will help you find out all that you need to know and understand the workings of your own body to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

Moreover, after examining you, your doctor will be able to recommend the best hormonal contraceptive method for you.

How to avoid an unwanted pregnancy: research and clarify your doubts

If you have any questions about how to avoid unwanted pregnancy it is very important to inform yourself, preferably with a specialist, this way you reduce the risk and have more chances of being sexually active and lead a healthy life.

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