How to Be Spontaneous with your Girlfriend

By Rebecca Doughty . Updated: March 21, 2019
How to Be Spontaneous with your Girlfriend

Everyone loves to be spontaneous once in a while. And in a relationship, spontaneity can be incredibly romantic and also quite important when it comes to keeping things fun between two people. Whether you have an anniversary or special occasion coming up or perhaps just want to mix things up on date night, being spontaneous is a great way to surprise your girlfriend! Often though, lack of ideas or being too indecisive can lead to a lack of spontaneity, so here at oneHOWTO we're going to give you some advice and tips on how to be spontaneous with your girlfriend!

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Take an unplanned trip

Taking an unplanned romantic trip may be one of the most fun and exciting ways to be spontaneous with your girlfriend. It doesn't have to be anywhere particularly exotic, even spending a night somewhere nice nearby is being spontaneous! But it's giving the two of you chance to spend some quality time together and enjoy the fact that you've made a fun last minute decision. Ask her if there's anywhere she'd like to go this weekend or plan this on your own as a surprise and it would go down a treat!

Explore somewhere new

Being spontaneous with your girlfriend can be something as simple as having a random day out somewhere exploring. Take a train or drive to somewhere that neither of you have been before and see what's there! If it's a nice day, tell your girlfriend you're packing a picnic, take her somewhere beautiful and enjoy the view. Maybe there's a city within travelling distance that you haven't been to, visit and see the landmarks. Days like these can build happy and fun-filled memories in your relationship - take plenty of photos to remember it!

How to Be Spontaneous with your Girlfriend - Explore somewhere new

Take up a new hobby together

Perhaps there's something that you and your girlfriend have always wanted to do like learn a language or try rock climbing? Suggesting that the two of you try out something new together that you both share an interest in is a great way to be spontaneous! Trying new things as a couple is perfect as you can encourage each other, laugh at each other and share a new experience which can really bring you closer together and strengthen your relationship with your girlfriend.

Take a lazy day

Book a day off work and ask your girlfriend to do the same. Spontaneous lazy days together are perfect for just chilling out and enjoying each other. Weekends often get filled with errands, seeing family, friends and can end up just as busy as the week day. Suggesting the two of you just take some time to be together will put a smile on her face for sure! Being romantic can mean getting creative. Make the most of the day, perhaps you can bake, game, do the things you both really enjoy, but most importantly be spontaneous!

How to Be Spontaneous with your Girlfriend - Take a lazy day

Surprise her!

Being spontaneous with your girlfriend doesn't always have to involve making an extravagant gesture, it can be as simple as surprising her in little ways whenever you get the chance. You could pick up her favorite chocolate bar on the way to meet her, or if you share household chores, take the chance to do something for her before she gets home from work. Even sending her a sexy text during the day can bring spontaneity into a relationship! Breaking routines is the most important part of being spontaneous, and your girlfriend will notice no matter how small the gesture might be.

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How to Be Spontaneous with your Girlfriend
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How to Be Spontaneous with your Girlfriend

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