How to be the perfect lover

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to be the perfect lover

No matter if there are taboos about sex, the reality is that all men want to be considered good in bed, and I don't mean sleeping. And aside from sexual dysfunction problems affecting both men and women, there are some tips that can make a difference. So we at are here to give you some advice on how to be the perfect lover and please your partner to the fullest.

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Steps to follow:

Get the taboo out of your head, because the more education you have about sex the more you can and will enjoy it. Don't worry about researching it, read and learn about the topics that catch your attention in the sex world. Know your body and that of your partner and learn their weaknesses.

For example, read which are women's erogenous zones and those of men.

How to be the perfect lover - Step 1

Be open and willing to experiment. Every couple is different, some girls like this and others that, but if you do not fear trying and enjoying new things you will always be considered a good lover because you like to please your partner. Talking is key, so find out what sexual fantasies your lover prefers and put them into practice.

How to be the perfect lover - Step 2

Related to the previous point is your ability to give pleasure. Sex is about give and take, if you only want to be pleased, you'll probably never be seen as a great lover, so be concerned for and take care of him or her. Learn how to stimulate the clitoris or the penis glans to blow their mind.


Little by little and take your time. Although there are very passionate encounters where prolonging foreplay becomes difficult, the perfect lover takes the encounter calmly, both people choose the rhythm, don't rush and good things will come either way.


A good lover is interesting and a good conversationalist, so learn to listen. From small talk to particular kinds of moaning indicating that you liked that, women love good conversationalists that combine this quality with being good in bed.

How to be the perfect lover - Step 5

Know how to kiss and touch them. It seems obvious but do you think all men know how to do it? In reality they don't. A perfect lover kisses and touches the right places in the right ways, exploring the kisses that turn a guy or a girl on the most and kiss fearlessly and moving between the different kisses freely.

How to be the perfect lover - Step 6

A great lover worries about his girl, so he cares that she gets to climax and strives to achieve this. He waits or postpones the arrival of his own pleasure so that she gets hers. This situation also generates excitement and at the end, everyone wins.


Obviously, every woman is different and each could add their particular preferences to this list, but these qualities are basic and will take you on the right track, making you stand with the men who are sexually unforgettable.

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  • Have an open mind, try to explore and delight her and take a genuine interest in making her happy in bed, these are the main qualities of a good lover

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How to be the perfect lover
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How to be the perfect lover

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