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How To Break Up With Someone Respectfully

Nidhi Nangia
By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Break Up With Someone Respectfully

Sometimes, in your relationship, you reach a point when you realize that it’s difficult to move on with the person you are. While there is no right time and no right way to break up with someone, there can be certain things that you can do and should not do to make the breakup easier for both the partners. At, we will tell you how to break up with someone respectfully without leaving him or her feeling dumped.

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  1. Make up your mind
  2. Break up in person
  3. Stick to your decision

Make up your mind

First of all, you should ask yourself if you are sure you want to end the relationship. If yes, then prepare some good reasons to give to your partner. When you tell your partner that you want to move on, the first question he or she will ask is ‘why?’ Whether you have started loving someone else, or you just don’t feel the same way as before, you should not blame yourself for ending the relationship, and at the same time treat your partner with respect too. If your partner does not respect your feelings, or is violent or aggressive with you, you have better reasons to give and opt out.

Break up in person

No matter what your reasons are for breaking up, you should talk to your partner in person and while you are alone. By breaking up, you are going to hurt his or her feelings already, and he or she would be devastated if you do that in front of 20 more people. Try to keep the breakup a private affair between you two. Once it’s over, you can talk to your friends and share the news.

How To Break Up With Someone Respectfully - Break up in person

Stick to your decision

You should start this conversation only if there is no looking back. Even if your ex cries or begs, you should not back down. Remember, this conversation is not a negotiation. If your ex has something to say, listen to him or her respectfully, and then move on. If you are getting out of the relationship because your partner was abusive or violent, then you need to take extra precautions for your safety. Block the ex from emailing, texting, calling and posting on Facebook. Talk to your parents, friends and teachers so that they can help you if you are in a dangerous situation.

Remember, it’s alright to be single. Breaking up is never easy. For this reason, we have written an article on How to deal with a break up. It’s better to be happy alone, rather than being with someone you do not feel comfortable with. Once you get over the relationship, you can start your search for a better someone in your life.

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How To Break Up With Someone Respectfully