How to enhance male orgasm

How to enhance male orgasm

Many people believe that men have an easy time achieving orgasm and that for woman it's more difficult to reach climax. While it is largely true that some women may require greater stimulus to achieve orgasm, the truth is that men also require the same, and there's nothing better than a woman who knows how to fully exploit each point, causing their partner to reach the heights of pleasure. If you want to please your partner with a single sexual encounter, we'll give you some tips about how to enhance male orgasm

Two types of orgasm

One thing you should know and that you might not have heard before, is that a person can experience two types of orgasm. An ordinary orgasm, which occurs suddenly, after a few moments of stimulation and what's known as an expanded orgasm , a feeling that spreads throughout the whole body and emerges gradually, not suddenly, giving your partner a pleasure that shakes him from head to toe. Have you ever you seen it happen?

Increase the stimulus

The technique for enhancing the male orgasm is clear, to increase arousal and some simple tips can help you achieve it with success, while boosting the stimulus in every way and making your partner experience the most intense and pleasurable orgasm imaginable.

It begins with sight

Visual stimulation is very powerful. A simple movement could give way to a tantalising sexual encounter, a glimpse of leg, a bit of cleavage, a smile, etc. A great strategy is to take him by surprise while he's doing a daily activity. Go close and kiss him, play with your tongue in his mouth, biting his lip and put your hand into the pocket of his pants, near his penis. His brain will already be thinking about sex and you'll begin to feel his hard on.

Indulge in foreplay

Once you've taken the reins, with a suggestive movement, open his pants, take off his underwear and get ready to play with his penis, using manual stimulation. It's something that men adore, like oral sex, and if you alternate between the two, you'll bring him to the peak of pleasure and he'll be begging to have sex, but keep playing with him a little more. Take his penis like a joystick and push a little on the tip, delicately with your finger. This will retain the blood flow for a bit and he'll enjoy it even more.

Change sexual positions

For maximum pleasure, you should change positions during sex. We'll show you some of the preferred sexual positions for men. If you combine them with the ones you like the most, you'll excite your partner in unimaginable ways, remembering that variety is the spice of life.

Take him to the peak of ecstasy

After changing positions, chose the final one that you know will drive him crazy. When you see that he's about to reach orgasm, gently caress his testicles or rub the tip of his penis at the entrance of your vagina and let him softly penetrate you again. The friction will drive him crazy and he won't be able to contain his orgasm and you'll get to stimulate yourself at the same time.

Continue stimulation after orgasm

An expanded orgasm is longer than an ordinary one, maintaining sensation and pleasure in the body for a long time, so that you can continue stimulating your partner a little more. But only very gently, because the penis is very sensitive, so just use your hands and lightly caress and kiss his erogenous zones.

Mutual enjoyment

Men feel very aroused when they see that their partner is enjoying giving them pleasure. This is a big part of enhancing their orgasm and causing them to reach the heights of ecstasy with greater intensity, so don't forget to enjoy yourself while stimulating your partner.

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