How to Find a Girlfriend in India

How to Find a Girlfriend in India

Every girl is beautiful in her own way. But the traits which make an Indian girl unique are her grace, selflessness and virtue. She is also quite a God-fearing person and has strong values and beliefs. She cares a lot about her family and very few girls would do things against their parent’s wish. She believes in having only one man as her lifetime partner. So, a monogamous man is her utmost priority among all others. Most Indian girls belonging to town and city wear jeans and shirt/t-shirt. But for any festival or occasions like marriage etc., she prefers the traditional Indian attire of sari and churidar.

Now that you known about some of the best qualities of Indian girls, you may be nervous about dating her. But soon you will find out that there is nothing to be scared of. She may not be easy to impress but once she is in relationship with you, she will love you through all her life. So, let’s discuss about how to find a girlfriend in India.

Steps to follow:

At first, look for a girl with whom you may feel comfortable. You will know this due to the fact that you will feel calm and happy each time she is around.


If you like an Indian girl, then do not start flirting with her immediately. She will detest it at once and refrain from having any further conversation with you. Start by talking with her nicely in a respectful and courteous way. Focus on being her friend at first. You can take inspiration from Ranbir Kapoor's hairstyle to make an impression on your first date.


Be confident while talking because girls like confident boys but not arrogant ones. Introduce yourself and start by having an easy conversation. Be honest about yourself. Ask some questions about her too and make her laugh. Girls like boys who can make them laugh. Keep the conversation friendly and light.


If she likes you then she would show interest in talking to you again and eventually would strike up friendship with you. Let your bond of friendship grow stronger and then you'll feel that she loves spending most of her time with you.


When she becomes comfortable talking with you can call her. But do not keep pestering her by calling her every hour or so. Talk with her and ask her about her cultures and festivals in India.


Be confident and give her genuine compliments occasionally. Pay attention while she is talking and ask some questions about her family. Indian girls like boys who take genuine interest in her family members. Give her all your attention and show her that you care.

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Since there is no fixed time after which you should propose, take your own time and decide when you will share your heart’s desire with her. Ask her out to a quite place where you won’t be interrupted. Also, before you ask her out check that she is not in a bad mood. Ask her out if she is happy and focused.


Finally, when she meets you, at first make some small talk. Then ask her honestly and as directly as possible to be your girlfriend. Make sure that while asking her you are looking directly into her eyes and be confident while expressing you feelings.


If she says yes ,then celebrate and give her a hug and express your excitement. But if she wants to be just friends then just be polite and respectful. Do not say anything to insult her. This will leave her with a good impression of you due to which maybe after some time she may fall in love with you.


If she has agreed to be you girlfriend then take it slow and make an effort to keep the relationship happy and lively. Do new things together that you both love and spend time with each other. Never take her for granted. Focus on the present and enjoy every second you both spend together. You may also need some tips now on how to date an indian woman when you're a foreigner.

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