How to Flirt on WhatsApp

How to Flirt on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a mobile app that's used increasingly in our everyday lives. Many choose to use WhatsApp or text messaging to catch up with their friends or family and have stopped using the house phone altogether. As well as staying in touch with friends and family, have you considered using it to flirt with your love interest?

If you're unsure where to start, take a look at this OneHowTo article on how to flirt for Whatsapp and get the person of your dreams.

Steps to follow:

First and foremost: if you want to flirt on Whatsapp and get their attention, don't let them wait for too long. If you ask someone for their number, don't take a week or so to send that first message. This is too long and they might well have lost interest.

Ideally, send it during the evening of the following day, when most people have finished work and are free for the evening. Playing hard to get is fine as long as you don't overdo it.


The next thing to bear in mind is that your love interest will certainly take a look at your profile picture. So, make sure your photo is flattering and makes you look interesting and mysterious. If you currently have a photo with your mother, we suggest switching it for something sexier. This image might well determine whether a person wants to get to know you better or not, so make sure it's appropriately flattering.


Now that we've covered the basics, it's time to consider the following question: What do you talk to them about? WhatsApp has the advantage over chatting someone up over the internet, because it requires a personal phone number. In most cases, you'd have had to have had a previous conversation with the person in question in order to swap numbers.

A good ice breaker is to start the conversation by referring to something that was brought when you last spoke. For instance, if you spoke about a certain television series you both enjoy, you could say something along the lines of: "Yesterday I watched episode 5 and it was truly shocking. Did you watch it?" You could continue with something like: "By the way, the next episode is on television tomorrow... fancy watching it together?"


To flirt on WhatsApp, bear in mind that nobody likes long, lengthy paragraphs so keep your messages concise and to the point. Think about what you want to tell them and say it clearly. It's an instant message, not an essay. Sending line upon line of text will make the recipient think that you have nothing better to do and have no social life.


Don't overuse emoticons or emojis to express your mood. Yes, emojis can be useful to express feelings or emotions. However, if your messages are filled with faces, hearts or funny pictures, your crush might think you're a bit childish. Therefore, use them sparingly.

When we say that you can flirt without using words, going emoji-crazy is not what we're talking about.


Being mysterious is another good tactic for keeping your crush keen. Do this by taking your time to answer their messages and revealing little glimpses of who you are and what you like without spilling your entire life story.

This should intrigue you crush and means they will want to know more about you. Whilst it's fine to play hard to get from time to time, as we mentioned above, don't leave them hanging for more than a couple of hours or so.


Keep your eye on the ball and remember your reason for chatting on WhatsApp: Getting to know your crush better and taking them on a date. Do not use this app just to talk and keep contact: Your aim should be to have a date and see them in person.

Don't let your crush know that you're interested immediately. Wait until you've exchanged at least a handful of messages before asking them out on a date. Showing your hand too soon might scare them off.


Another key point is not to exaggerate or lie about any aspects of your life. Although you might not know each other well at this moment in time, things might well change as time goes on and any lies you've told will be brought to light, sooner or later. The best advice is to be yourself and don't pretend to be someone you're not.


If you've managed to secure a date, remember to come across as confident in yourself. Let your confidence radiate through and be natural and sure of yourself throughout the course of the date.

Don't force any situations or set your expectations too high: relax so that the conversation flows naturally and simply enjoy each other's company For a confidence boost, you might want to read our OneHowTo article on the top 8 tips for flirting.


In this article, we focused on WhatsApp, but there are other mobile apps that are also perfect for flirting, e.g. Tinder. However, remember to be safe.

This is how to flirt on Whatsapp: Do you have any tips or ideas? Tell us in the comments section!

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