How to flirt with a guy older than you

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to flirt with a guy older than you

It has been said, and just saying it causes controversy, love has no age. But the truth of this assumption depends on many factors: What is the age difference?, What stage of life are they both in?, What do you have in common? Depending on the results of these and other questions, a relationship may or may not start. But in the beginning, when you are attracted by someone who is 15 years older or more, you begin to wonder how to flirt with an older man? At we help you work it out.

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It is good to clarify that every man is different and this is not intended to be a conquest guide but to help you identify some relevant aspects in attracting the attention of someone much older than you. Taking into account the stage of life both people are in, it is not the same to be 20 and like someone 40, as being 40 and liking someone of 55. Thinking of the differences in age and the consequences it may have is the key so you can really value the possibilities of a relationship to blossom.

Watch and detect similarities

If you really like an older man, you should try to find things in common e.g. music, movies, leisure activities, profession or any interest. It is curious but despite the age difference, the similarities can be surprising, and that's what makes two people join this type of relationship.

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Ability to chat

It is important to know the ability to just chat and address various issues openly because the age difference may mean he has experience in areas in which you do not, and being open to hearing new perspectives is always interesting. Do not pretend to be something you're not or to know about topics which you don't just to impress him. Some men feel empowered by knowing more on a subject anyway. He will notice.

Freshness is valued

Forget the fantasy of the older man for a moment and move on to the genuine freshness so typical of youth. Overall this is an element that older men will appreciate in you, a sense of humour, passion and zest for life, desire and wishes, you should not hide it, this may be your hook.

Attraction Factor

There is a reality: when attraction is imminent the halfway line has been crossed, and in most cases it is difficult to ignore. The first walls of prejudice regarding age fall and it offers the possibility to discover the things in common. If he notices you for your attractiveness or your intellectual and emotional intelligence, you've come a long way.

Don't try to be different

Be who you are, with your pros and cons, if the difference between you is too obvious and a relationship doesn't happen, accept it and leave it alone, but it is important not to pretend that your are interested in the same things, because it shows sooner or later. Lying too long in this kind of thing is impossible.

Believe it or not, it's the same

The main feeling is that when there is an age difference the process of conquest will be different, but actually it's the same with any guy that you have liked before. Elements such as personal experiences, opinions and ways of thinking, emotional intelligence and ways of living influence both the seduction of an older man as well as a contemporary man, so it is best to relax and not feel too pressured with the situation.

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  • Remember that in the process of attraction you cannot force things, this is merely a guide but not a guarantee for success
  • Put things in balance and think if you really want to venture into a relationship like this. Like any other it has its pros and cons, what is important is to overcome value judgments of some people.
  • Do not judge, he may just want an adventure. It may be that he gets more involved with you, nobody knows. Do not let prejudices be your guide, assess the situation yourself.

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David Honest
I had been married over 15 years ago in NY at a younger age. Now going on 57 and living in Florida under the sun has been very nice with no SNOW. I have good friends but none 1ho have exchanged in any loving ways where we get close. My life has been nice but I do need some kind of physical connection with a lady locally if there is any ladies also needing the same type of commitment with man.
How to flirt with a guy older than you
How to flirt with a guy older than you

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