How to Have Sex When You're on Your Period

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Have Sex When You're on Your Period

For many women it's a taboo, and represents something problematic or unhygienic to have intercourse during their period. However the reality is that during the days that you're menstruating, your desire is stronger. Furthermore researchers have discovered that sex during this time of the month in fact benefits women and can reduce menstrual cramps. If you're curious or if you would just love try do it but don't know how, in this article we give you all the tips you need for you to discover how to have sex when you're on your period.

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Steps to follow:

Firstly, it is good to know that there is nothing harmful about having sex during menstruation, nor is it improper or immoral. It's a decision for the couple to take, and it does not have any negative effect on health, so why not break the taboo? Indeed scientific research shows that intercourse during these days reduces inflammation and menstrual cramps, besides being very pleasant for most women due to the area being especially well lubricated.

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There are couples who really don't mind doing it - men who don't feel at all uncomfortable and women who simply enjoy sex during those days. If you don't know how your partner will react to this scenario, the best thing to do, as in all situations, is discuss it beforehand to make sure that you both feel comfortable.

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Another important aspect to remember is that while sex during menstruation can be very pleasant, this type of sex is best enjoyed with a partner and not a casual hook-up. In any case, in both situations it is important to use a condom. Although there's little risk of pregnancy, we are more prone to contracting and transmitting STDs during this time of the month.

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To feel comfortable and safe and for you to both enjoy sex during menstruation, it's very important to remember hygiene measures. Wash your vaginal area with a special soap for intimate use just before intercourse, and this will keep typical menstrual odours at bay while you have sex. If you maintain good hygiene, enjoyment is 100% guaranteed. If you don't want to dirty the sheets, a good idea is to place a towel beneath you while you get down to business.


If you want to enjoy maximum pleasure by minimizing your partner's contact blood there are several ways to solve this problem.

The first of these is to wear a tampon right before intercourse. As it is not recommended to have sex with a tampon, you should remove it right before getting intimate. This little cotton sponge will absorb a lot of blood, leaving the area less bloody.


Another alternative is to use a diaphragm, which is a type of contraceptive that covers the cervix. The diaphragm is inserted into the vagina before intercourse and prevents blood from exiting the cervix, leaving no mess. You can also use a menstrual cup too.

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A great option if you don't want to use any of these products but still want to control the flow is to have sex in the shower or bathtub during menstruation. That way you won't notice any smells nor will the blood be a problem. Both parties will enjoy intercourse because the vagina is better lubricated than usual.

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If you're curious, and you find that you have a raging desire during those days, then don't be afraid to experiment. Sex while on your period is surprisingly popular and highly enjoyable, in addition to helping relieve the painful symptoms of your period. So go ahead and have fun with your partner no matter what the time of the month, but always remember to use protection.

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How to Have Sex When You're on Your Period
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How to Have Sex When You're on Your Period

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