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How to increase the male libido

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to increase the male libido

Lately do you not feel like having sex? Are you tired, without a sexual appetite? It may be that you have a low libido and know that there are some techniques that will help you increase your desire to make love naturally. In this OneHowTo article we give you some tips for you to start desiring sex again, simple tricks that will help you get your libido back and fully enjoy your sexuality. Take note and learn how to increase the male libido in simple steps.

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Steps to follow:


Why are there times in your life where you have a lower libido? This is easily explained: testosterone produced by your body is at a low level, therefore, it is necessary to increase this chemical to regain a sexual appetite. Food, the state of our nervous system and exercise are important factors that influence our libido, so it is important that you consider some aspects that increase it and get you back to fully enjoying sex.

How to increase the male libido - Step 1

We will start with food. There is a saying "You are what you eat" and that is not too far from the truth. Food directly affects our way of being in the world therefore the energy that it gives us as minerals and nutrients affect basic systems of our human functioning; in the case of libido, you should know that zinc is an essential mineral to increase testosterone and, therefore, to increase the sexual desire.

So, if you want increase the male libido one of the basic ingredients you should include in your diet are foods rich in zinc such as oysters or dark chocolate. But besides this, it is also important to limit your intake of carbohydrates, especially the simple sugars in them; the reason is that the more insulin in the blood, the less testosterone the body produces and therefore the lower the libido.

Furthermore, there are some aphrodisiac foods that contribute to sexual desire. Among these are, of course, oysters but also other ingredients such as strawberries, honey, garlic or anise.

How to increase the male libido - Step 2

Once we have a diet high in testosterone we supplement it with physical exercise on a regular basis and relaxation methods to reduce stress. It is known that more testosterone is produced in the male body through sport and, therefore, is ideal for increasing sexual desire; in addition, exercise also makes us release dopamine, a hormone that gives us pleasure and relaxation.

Relaxation is also essential to have a high sexual appetite. When we are stressed and nervous, our body is tense and, therefore, we have a low libido. Therefore, in addition to physical exercise it is also important that you partake in methods such as meditation or yoga to relax.

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How to increase the male libido - Step 3

Another factor that can cause you to have less sexual desire is the routine in bed. It is known that when a couple has been together for a while, sex can become boring, uncreative and get stuck, then, you start to crave making love less and, therefore, your sex drive diminishes. This is simply out of boredom, so it is important that you communicate with your partner, you try games and new situations and you dare to fulfil your sexual fantasies.

Why don't you try to have sex in a public place? Or use that cream you have in the kitchen? Or why not try swinging or dogging? Anyway, if you think one of your reasons may be sexual routine it is essential to talk with your partner that you remedy the problem and you return to enjoy sex together. On OneHowTo we tell you some couple's sexual fantasies which can help your sex life.

How to increase the male libido - Step 4

Alcohol is also one of the factors that decreases testosterone production therefore it is important to limit consumption of this drink if you want to get back to enjoying pleasant way of your sex life. It is true that when you're drunk it can give you the feeling that you are more eager to have sex. However, although alcohol increases your sex drive, it inhibits your performance. Over time the effects of alcohol are reflected in your body and especially in your sexual libido. So do not be fooled: alcohol and sex are enemies.

How to increase the male libido - Step 5

You can help your body have the highest libido by adding daily natural supplements to your routine, they help you to have a bigger sexual appetite. It is known that, for example, cardamom is an aphrodisiac ingredient for stimulating the nervous system, which is high in zinc and therefore is known as the "seed of paradise".

Besides this, there are other natural herbal aphrodisiacs that increase your libido; for example, ginkgo biloba is also well known for this purpose as well as ginseng and ginger.

How to increase the male libido - Step 6

It may also be that the lack of sexual appetite comes from a lack of self-esteem or belief in oneself. When we are going through a time of sadness, stress or don't like ourselves this may be affected directly in our sexual libido it is that if you're not comfortable with yourself, how can you be comfortable with someone else in bed? That is essential if there is any personal factor and you are blocking the desire to have sex as you work individually and try to remedy it.

For example, if you have gained a few extra kilos and are not comfortable with your body, go on a diet and partake in sports to increase your self-esteem; if you are stressed and do not have time for anything, devote yourself one day a week just for you and practice relaxation to be conscious again with your body. To get the most enjoyment out of sex it is important that you feel good about yourself.

How to increase the male libido - Step 7

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How to increase the male libido