How To Know If a Man Wants You Sexually

How To Know If a Man Wants You Sexually

Have you ever wondered if you sexually attract the man you like? In some cases, it is more obvious than others. Sometimes situations prove to be more confusing and indirect than others and we find ourselves questioning the sexual signs.

However, do not fret, there are always a series of gestures and attitudes that are made spontaneously and unconsciously when someone is attracted to you. If you want to know what these attitudes are keep reading to find out how to know if a man wants you sexually.

He is always smiling at you

When you are close to him, is he always smiling? And we’re not talking about laughing at a joke, we are referring to a spontaneous smile that is drawn onto his face every time he is with you. This is normally considered a gesture of uncontrollable happiness. Smiling often expresses how delighted a person is to have you near them and, most likely, how much you attract them physically and/or sexually.

He doesn’t stop looking at you

He cannot look away from you! This is another clear sign that a man wants you sexually. Their gaze is somewhat uncontrollable , often it could be suggested that he finds you beautiful and is trying to get some kind of visual connection with you.

And if, in addition, you are close enough to him and you see that his pupils dilate, you can be sure that he likes you. Dilated pupils in a sexual sense means that a person is experiencing arousal of some sort. Physiologically pupils dilate in order for the body to take in more of what they are seeing.

He touches his nose a lot

Although it may seem strange, a study published by the Journal of Royal Society Medicine claimed that the nose is one of the parts of a mans body that can reveal if he is attracted to someone sexually. [1]According to this study, the man's nose is directly connected to his genitals, in turn, the production of pheromones, which provoke sexual desire.

So, one could assume, if you are close to him and you see that he is constantly touching his nose, that it is another sign he might be attracted to you sexually.

He speaks to you with a deeper and huskier voice

Other studies have shown that when a man has sexual intentions for a woman, he tends to change his voice when speaking to her. He appears to speak with a deeper more ’’manly‘‘ tone.

The reason for this is that he is subconsciously modifying his usual tone of voice to look sexier and to demonstrate greater maturity and attraction.

He takes advantage of any small opportunity to touch you

If he initiates any kind of physical contact between the two of you, or tries to take any opportunity to be close or intimate with you, it could be a sign he is attracted to you.

Whether its rubbing shoulders, touching your hair, caressing your face or lightly grabbing you by the waist, he is most likely trying to indicate to you the attraction that he feels towards you.

He looks for moments to be alone with you

It doesn’t matter if you are at a party with friends or surrounded by a lot of people, if he is attracted and wants you sexually, it is very likely he will try to find time to be with you. He will try this so that, even if just for a few minutes, he can have closer contact with you and, in this way, make his intentions clear of how much he likes you.

When you are speaking he...

There are other signs that can indicate if a man wants you sexually. These signs can be noticed when you are spending time with this person or simply enjoying an intimate conversation. Take note of these signals listed:

  • While you are talking, his feet are pointing directly at you and the palms of his hands upward facing.
  • He doesn’t stop directing his gaze to your lips, because he cannot stop thinking about how much he would like to kiss them.
  • His hands are restless and he fiddles with something close to him to control his nervousness.
  • He maintains an upright body posture and directs his body towards you.
  • He bites or licks his lips.
  • He does not stop running his hands through his hair.
  • His hands are sweaty because he is a little nervous.

These signs and signals should help you identify if a man wants you sexually, however, in some cases it is more obvious than others, and you can simply see it in his eyes.

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