How to Know if an Indian Guy Is Married - Foolproof Signs!

How to Know if an Indian Guy Is Married - Foolproof Signs!

An Indian woman is easily identified as married by the sindoor, chooda, mangalsutra, toe rings, full hand of bangles and his dresses. But there is no sign that can confirm that an Indian guy is married. Even if he seems to be quite young, Indians have a tendency to marry early. Don’t be surprised if you see a teenager who is married and even has children. So, if you are dating an Indian guy and want to find out if he is married, this oneHOWTO article will tell you how to know if an Indian guy is married.

Symbols of marriage: Wedding ring

As mentioned above, the most obvious signs an Indian guy is married are those symbols of marital union that they wear and represent marriage. In men they are more difficult to detect.

The ring ceremony is not an Indian thing, but most Indian couples exchange rings these days as an inspiration from the Western world. If your guy is married, you may become alert if you see a ring on his ring finger, particularly a diamond and solitaire. Even if your guy is smart enough to take that ring off before meeting you, you can still see a tan line on the finger. This can be an obvious clue that he is hiding his marriage from you, and you should take it as a legitimate concern to do some more investigation.

He is available only for a few hours in the day or night

If your guy habitually places strict restrictions on times when he can meet or talk to you, then he is probably married, and is doing so because he has to be with his wife. Another way to know if an Indian guy is married is if he can’t talk to you even on the phone after office hours, as he probably has a wife at home and he can’t talk to you in front of him. Even if he finds a hiding place to talk on phone, his wife may come looking for him and ask who he is talking to. If you are on the other side, take a look at our article on how to tell if your boyfriend is cheating on you.

He remains unavailable for several days at stretches

Indian married men need to give some time to their wife as well, and he must be going for vacations or weekend getaways with her. If your guy has not contacted you during the whole weekend, or for several days at a stretch, then probably he has gone for a vacation with his wife, and he could not call you because she was around him. If he remains unavailable for most of the weekends, then he must have a wife with whom he must be going out for shopping or picnic.

He does not give you his landline number

Even if you ask for it hundreds of times, an Indian married guy will never give his landline number to you. You will only have his mobile number. Even if the battery runs out and you want to talk, he will always make an excuse that you can’t call him on his landline. He will not even call you ever from his landline phone. If you have caller ID, you will get his landline number. If you happen to call his landline in his absence, his wife may pick up the phone and his secret will get revealed.

He can’t spend special events and festivals with you

Whether it is Valentine’s Day, Holi, Diwali, New Year’s Eve or any other festival, he can’t spend it with you, because he has a wife to spend the festival with. If your guy always has an excuse to stay away from you during festivals, then it’s a good chance that he is already married.

He always pays in cash

Another sign to tell if an Indian guy is married is that he will pay everything in cash, including movie tickets, restaurant bills, gifts and others. In today’s digital world, most people prefer to pay their bills by card. But if your man is still paying everything in cash, then probably he wants to hide the expenses from his spying wife. Any card payments will reflect in his monthly statements, and his wife will become suspicious of where he is spending so much money without her knowledge

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