How to Know if an Indian Guy Likes You

How to Know if an Indian Guy Likes You
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Often girls are in a dilemma when she can't understand that the guy whom she likes so much likes her back or not. To know whether a guy likes you or not, stop plucking those petals and start looking for some simple signs that will make you sure about him.

If it’s an Indian guy you want to know about then there are very subtle hints that you have to look for to know whether he likes you. In this article we will know about those signs that will answer your question of How to know if an Indian guy likes you or not.

Eye Contact

If an Indian guy likes you he will never make direct eye contact. He will simply look at you when you are not watching him. And then as soon as you look in his direction he will shift his gaze to either of your sides. He will avoid any direct eye contact. Make sure you know if an Indian guy is married, as this will be a clear sign that he's not that into you.


His position

If you are in a classroom or attending a seminar or doing any group activity then he will try to be at a position from where he can steal some glances at you. Also you will find that you are accidentally bumping into him a lot at lots of different paces.

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Your position

If both of you are in the same room and at a good distance from each other then he might send an occasional smile from across the room. But as soon as you approach him he won’t even look at you. This happens especially in the case of a shy Indian guy.

His Friends

His friends know that he likes you but he is a bit shy or nervous to approach you. So, you might find that his friends will look at him pleadingly and then sign him to approach you.

To confirm whether he likes you or not try talking to him when he is with his friend. You will find that his friend will gesture him to make a move.

When you approach him

When you approach an Indian guy and he tries to act cool then just have a look at his forehead. If he is sweating then it’s because he is nervous as he likes you. Sometimes in a bid to keep playing the cool part he might do or say something stupid or will start stammering.

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When you are in Trouble

When you have a problem or in trouble he would be the first one to offer help. If an Indian guy likes you then he will do anything to help you.

When you talk to other guys

If you are talking to other guys then he will keep monitoring you both and for that moment he might actually forget his shyness. If he likes you then chances are that he might do something stupid to divert your attention towards him.

When he talks to other girls

An Indian guy might talk with other girls in a place where you are present just to know whether you feel jealous or not. You might actually catch him sending a glance or two towards you to check your reaction and facial expression.

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