How to Know if he Has Trust Issues - Signs to Look Out for

By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: November 26, 2018
How to Know if he Has Trust Issues - Signs to Look Out for

Trust is one of the leading causes of breakups in relationships. Most of the arguments are traced back to insecurities that any of the partner’s have from past. If you are dating a man with trust issues, he may be giving you an unfair disadvantage, and he may not be giving you a chance to give him your entire self. The experiences he had in his past may be spilling into your current relationship, and you may not be having a good time together. We have already told you How to Know if you can Trust your Partner. Read this oneHOWTO article to find out how to know if he has trust issues.

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He checks your phone

To know if he has trust issues, take notice if he is always trying to peek over to check your phone, your call logs, your messages and everyone you have been speaking or chatting with. If you have set a password, he would keep asking you to disclose it. Privacy is important in any relationship, and if he is not giving you this much space, and he even wants to know who you are speaking with, he probably does not trust you.

He thinks extreme

Whatever situation arises, he is the one who thinks about the worst case scenario. If you happen to miss his call, he may go wild and conclude that you have been sneaking around with someone else. He will not think that the men’s watch that he found in your closet is your brother’s, or may be a gift that you must be planning to wrap up for him. If he trusts you, he should give you a benefit of doubt, and talk to you, no matter how suspicious the situation was. He should give you a chance to explain yourself before he reaches any conclusion. Only the he should take action.

How to Know if he Has Trust Issues - Signs to Look Out for - He thinks extreme

His boundaries are tight

Another way to know if he has trust issues is to check the boundaries he has consciously and unconsciously set for you. When you like another boy’s status on Facebook, does he take it lightly? Does he accept your male friends and is he fine with their calls and messages? A person with trust issues will keep a watch on whatever you do, and with all the people whom you talk and meet. He will get territorial, jealous and will feel threatened at every single movement. If he trusts you, he should allow you some free space with full faith. Cutting off all your male friends because he distrusts you will be hurtful for your relationship in the long run. Getting jealous of everyone you are friendly with will keep you from being yourself.

He cheats

Cheating on you can also be a sign of trust issues in a relationship. Actually, cheating has direct relation with his lack of trust in you. If he does not trust you, he will not be able to handle the responsibility of your relationship, and he will feel encouraged to cheat.If you suspect this is your case, take a look at our article on how to tell if your boyfriend is cheating on you.

How to Know if he Has Trust Issues - Signs to Look Out for - He cheats

He tests your love

Usually, couples test each other before entering into a love relationship, or during the initial stages. But if your partner keeps testing you, it can have a really bad effect on your relationship. If you have decided to enter into a relationship, it is important to trust the person as well. If he doesn’t trust you, you won’t be able to give your all into the relationship, and both of you will keep hold of all the inhibitions till date.

He suspects betrayal

A man who does not trust you will keep nagging for every single minute you came in late. If you are late, you are hiding something from him. If you speak loudly, you hate him. If you can’t pick his call right now, you are rejecting him. If you are not telling him your phone lock password, you have a secret lover. If you don’t want to make love tonight, you are not interested any more. He may be suspicious even if you have never shown any sign of infidelity till date. His past experiences must have been casting into your current relationship and contaminating it.

How to Know if he Has Trust Issues - Signs to Look Out for - He suspects betrayal

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How to Know if he Has Trust Issues - Signs to Look Out for
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How to Know if he Has Trust Issues - Signs to Look Out for

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