How to Know if I'm Ready for a New Relationship

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Know if I'm Ready for a New Relationship

How many times have you gone out with someone and then discovered that you're not ready to start again? This happens quite often when some people dread the possibility of spending too much time alone and plunge into the world of dating again even though it is not the right time. If you recently separated from your partner and you're wondering whether you want to date someone or not, this OneHowTo article offers some help for you to discover how to know if you are ready for a new relationship.

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If you still feel extreme pain when you think about that person, you cry easily or feel too much resentment and insecurity, then you're still not ready to return to the world of dating. Everyone has their own process and you need to forget about the other person, in order to start with a blank sheet and behave in a decent way with the new person.

How to Know if I'm Ready for a New Relationship - Step 1

If you are trying to date someone else but feel anxious at the prospect of coming across your ex, avoiding places that you both know and always trying to avoid running into a common acquaintance, this is not the time to start a new relationship. This behavior shows that the other person still has such a powerful effect on you, so it might be better to wait a bit longer.


If you feel that what happened with your former partner was in the past, you've forgiven them and got to grips with it, you've overcome the pain and your wound has healed, and you don't mind running into them even if they see you with another person, then it is a good sign and you can now venture into a new experience.

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If you still go into your ex's Facebook account to spy on their movements, or if a photo or comment from a mutual friend troubles you and you obsess about them, then you need to overcome these feelings before you date someone else. However, if you are not curious about what your ex is doing and instead, it pleases you to find out how they are getting on in life without experiencing any feelings of morbid fascination, then you are ready for a new relationship.


If you are thinking about starting a new relationship because you want to find someone like your ex, then STOP because you're not even remotely ready for someone new. People are not replaceable, this attitude is harmful to you and the people you know.


If you were asked the question, "would you get back with your ex?"... What would your answer be? If you answer is no, then congratulations, you are in the process of getting over them and you can maybe try going on a date. If you answer is yes, then you still have some way to go.

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If your self-esteem and confidence is low, if you've not got over what happened, please take your time and don't draw someone else into your suffering. This is not only unfair but it also won't help you to overcome your problems and will just confuse you more.


If you are constantly wondering if this new relationship is right, if you don't stop comparing them or worry you might hurt the new person, or you even feel like you're being dishonest, it is because you're not doing it right. This is not the time to go out with someone else until you feel good and happy.

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If you don't fear being alone, you are recovering from everything that happened in the past and view the future positively then congratulations! You can give someone else a chance and start a new relationship.


Forget the fools' consolation which claims "the best way to get over somebody is to get under somebody else." Humans have emotions and don't work well by replacing someone. Allow yourself to be alone and overcome your pain before starting a new relationship which may be full of insecurities, fears, bad memories and dependency.

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  • Learning to enjoy solitude is one of the best ways of getting over a break up and preparing your heart for a future relationship.
  • Maybe you feel confused and sad now, but with time you'll get over it and you'll know when you are ready to start again without the slightest doubt.
  • Take the necessary time to heal and don't be eager to find someone else.
  • Don't lose hope, the fact that things have gone wrong once doesn't mean that it has to happen again.

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How to Know if I'm Ready for a New Relationship
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How to Know if I'm Ready for a New Relationship

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