How to Know if my Relationship is Dysfunctional

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Know if my Relationship is Dysfunctional

Much is said about dysfunctional families or couples, a term that is now used in everyday language. However, many people do not know exactly what it means or how to tell if their relationship is dysfunctional or not. You might have experienced some change in your relationship with your partner, but not every fight with your partner is a symptom of a dysfunctional relationship. In we give you some clear signs that your relationship is not going as it should.

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What does dysfunctional mean?

The term is used to describe a relationship, behaviour, social system, etc. that does not function properly and is, in fact, completely opposite to what is considered healthy. A dysfunctional couple refers to a union in which the values and treatment that should be present are missing or don't function properly.

Lack of communication

One of the first signs that a relationship is dysfunctional is the absence of good communication. Healthy couples routinely talk about their daily life and also of deeper issues and their expectations of life, feelings, emotions, future plans etc. In a union that is dysfunctional, this fundamental aspect is severely affected

How to Know if my Relationship is Dysfunctional - Lack of communication

Constant tension

When the relationship is not going well, it is usual for tension to exist between both parties, so much so that any little problem is blown up out of proportion. Insults, offenses and accusations are abundant and the couple falls into a vicious circle in which neither party stops telling the other how much the other irritates them.

Very frequent fights

Dysfunctional family relations are characterised by the absence of good communication, failing to find ways of resolving conflicts. This can lead to frequent arguments and fights that can last hours or even days. It is a downward spiral in which every aspect is connected so that the environment is almost always tense and unpleasant

How to Know if my Relationship is Dysfunctional - Very frequent fights

No compatibility

To make things work well, compatibility, on both an emotional and sexual level, is important because this enable us to carry out plans together and walk on the same path. In a dysfunctional relationship, compatibility is greatly affected, both inside and outside of the bedroom. This can make it very difficult to create plans for a future together.

Awkwardness and abuse

When you do not feel comfortable with your partner, an atmosphere of uneasiness between both is normal because things are not working as they should. Moreover, both verbal abuse and (in extreme cases) physical abuse are common in dysfunctional relationships. This is to drain frustrations, which significantly affects our self-esteem and that of the other person, causing severe damage to our morale and mood.

If you experience any kind of abuse in your relationship you must end it immediately and seek professional advise and guidance.

How to Know if my Relationship is Dysfunctional - Awkwardness and abuse

What to do?

Conflictive and dysfunctional relations affect our health significantly, so it is necessary to try to solve the situation. If both think and want to continue together, they could see a couple therapist. However, if they feel it's time to part ways, the best thing for it is to do so amicably and go your separate ways. It is healthier for both parties

How to Know if my Relationship is Dysfunctional - What to do?

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  • If you experience any kind of abuse, either psychological or physical, talk to someone immediately and explain your problem.

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How to Know if my Relationship is Dysfunctional
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How to Know if my Relationship is Dysfunctional

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