How To Know If You're Bisexual

How To Know If You're Bisexual

Whilst bisexuality was considered a taboo subject not long ago, society has changed and people are now able to discuss their sexuality openly. A threesome might be a sexual fantasy of yours but; what if your desire to extend beyond the occasional sexual experience? If you've felt attracted to both sexes, you must have wondered if you're bisexual. Here at OneHowTo, we'll give you some guidance on understanding your sexuality.

Steps to follow:

Experimenting with threesomes, swinging or dogging during which you had sex contact with someone of the same sex, does not automatically mean that you're bisexual or gay/lesbian. The desire to test your sexual boundaries and experiment has more to do with curiosity. Some people who indulge in these sexual encounters on a regular basis still consider themselves to be heterosexual.


Bisexuality is defined as someone who is physically and sexually attracted to people of both sexes. The level of attraction might vary in each person, e.g. a woman may be bisexual yet feel more attracted to men than women or vice versa. Other people might prefer to have full sexual intercourse with people of a certain sex yet restrict their sexual encounters with the other sex to foreplay alone.


Sexual fantasies play an important role in determining sexuality. Many people fantasize about a threesome, but this does not mean that they are bisexual. Instead, it's probably a reflection of their curiosity or sexual fantasy of being with two people at one time. However, if you're in a relationship with a man or woman and find yourself constantly wishing you were with someone of the opposite sex or if you get aroused by both heterosexual and homosexual pornography and frequently think of these images when masturbating, it's likely you are bisexual, to a certain degree.


The first question you should ask yourself is whether you you feel attracted to both sexes equally. If the answer is a definite yes, you are bisexual. If you still have doubt, there are more ways of gauging your sexual preferences.


Analyse your level of sexual arousal when looking at a male and a female and watch how your body naturally responds in comparison. Also think about your fantasies and how often you think about them. Also gauge your emotional response - do you feel emotionally fulfilled by both males and females?


Don't make the mistake of confusing curiosity with bisexuality, especially if you are fairly young and only starting to explore your sexuality. It is normal to be intrigued by different genders, but when this intrigue is intense and you feel a burning desire for both sexes, it's likely that you are bisexual.


If you are riddled wit doubt about your sexuality and feel confused, we recommend speaking to a sexologist which will help you discover your sexual orientation and provide some expert advice. Embrace your sexuality and get as much pleasure as you can out of every sexual encounter!

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