How to Make a Romantic Breakfast in Bed

By Mary Smith. Updated: June 6, 2018
How to Make a Romantic Breakfast in Bed

When you want to surprise your partner with a nice gesture, straight away many people think of a romantic dinner and of course the night and candlelight invoke an erotically charged atmosphere. But this is not the only possibility. Since the morning is one of the best times to have sex, there is nothing better than surprising them with a very special breakfast. At we explain how to make a romantic breakfast in bed and start the day on a very good note.

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Steps to follow:

Preparing a romantic breakfast to seduce your partner is a great way to start the day, but try to do it on a weekend when neither of you have to rush to go to work. This way you can enjoy the moment and move to a very enjoyable part of the morning: morning sex.


If at home, prepare some trays to have breakfast in bed, because who doesn't love breakfast in bed? If you or your partner are one of the only people who don't enjoy breakfast in bed, you can serve it at the table, what matters is to make it special no matter where you eat.


The choice of course depends largely on your partner's tastes and your skills in the kitchen. If he or she adores your scrambled eggs, your omelette or your pancakes, no more talk! Prepare exactly what you know they like. If you're not a great cook, don't worry! Go down to the nearest bakery and buy some croissants, butter, jam, some pastries and put together a varied and delicious menu.

Here are some ideas:

  • Menu 1: vegetable or ham and cheese omelette (click on link for recipe). Toast. Coffee with milk and / or orange juice (preferably natural) or any other fruit.
  • Menu 2: scrambled egg which may be accompanied by mushrooms, cheese, ham. Toast. Coffee with milk and / or juice.
  • Menu 3: toast, butter, jam, ham and cheese (served on a plate with beautiful presentation). Coffee with milk and / or juice.
  • Menu 4: pastries and butter croissant or chocolate fillings, cakes, muffins. Jam to accompany. Coffee with milk and / or juice.

One of the most important keys to a romantic breakfast is a good coffee or tea to give them the energy they need to continue with the morning activities. You could make something different, for example a rich mocha.

How to Make a Romantic Breakfast in Bed - Step 4

Although it's not required to decorate the scene, the effort of having woke up before them and preparing everything is in itself very romantic and, if you have some flowers or a flower shop close to home, you could add some small decorative detail.

How to Make a Romantic Breakfast in Bed - Step 5

Remember that in a truly romantic breakfast in bed your partner should not have to move a finger. For one morning, you should cater to them, so prepare everything so you have everything you need on hand to enjoy it, too.

How to Make a Romantic Breakfast in Bed - Step 6

Take into account two basic tips:

1. Leave the room quietly and discretely. If you wake up your partner, the game is over

2. If you plan to cook something, remember it is important to keep the noise down as much as possible. The idea is for it to be a surprise and not to get caught in the act.

3. If serving breakfast in bed, avoid messy foods like soft boiled eggs or many sauces.


Another version of a nice romantic breakfast in bed is one that occurs after a good session of morning sex. When both end up hungry and one of the two is providing the food. You can also surprise your partner with breakfast while they are awake.

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How to Make a Romantic Breakfast in Bed
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How to Make a Romantic Breakfast in Bed

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