How to make my husband desire me more

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to make my husband desire me more
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Although some people try to trivialise it, sex is a fundamental aspect of a relationship and in many ways it reveals how good or how bad we are as a couple. It is normal for your worries and family life to reduce the frequency between sexual encounters the longer you have been together, but you shouldn't lose intimacy either. So at we give you some tips so you know how to make your husband desire you more and bring back those passionate embraces.

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Steps to follow:

Sex is full of ways to stimulate each one of our five senses. What they see and smell is very important in making somebody desire us more, and this why we should strive to be a little more provocative with our partner. Looking good and setting the mood is a good start.

The first step to get your husband to desire you more is doing this yourself. So create an image you enjoy looking at when you're in front of the mirror. Self esteem is more visible to others than you may think.

How to make my husband desire me more - Step 1

Often couples end up having less sex because one person doesn't feel "in the mood" at the same time as their partner. If you want to make passionate love with your partner you too must make the first move. When doing this, try to do it smoothly and when you both want to. It shouldn't always be the same person trying to convince the other, both of you must be up for it.

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Seduction is essential, and the techniques to achieve this are endless: from a romantic encounter at home, through hinting at or by choosing the perfect lingerie to having a romantic dinner. If you want to revive your sex life and increase their desire for you, you need make an effort to seduce and stimulate their senses, even prepare a whole romantic evening.

How to make my husband desire me more - Step 3

You need to get out of your sex routine, if you always do it the same way, how can your partner still desire you? They already know what to expect. Experiment with sexual positions which you both find exciting, act out each other's sexual fantasies, try out new experiences like tantric sex or even dare to have sex in fun places around the house or even outdoors. Variety is the spice of life, don't forget it!


Use different ways to awaken their sexual appetite, how about a good book to increase their libido? Erotica is a great weapon for our imagination helping us to feel more sexy and provocative, encouraging you to take the first step to reviving and putting a spark back into your sex life.


If despite all this you still can't get your partner to desire you more, or perhaps you both still feel discouraged, it could be a major problem. If this is the case it could be helpful to see a sex therapist so they can guide you on ways to revive your sex life.

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  • Remember that although our daily life is based on routine, our sex life does not have to be same. It is important to vary it and try new things.
  • Stress, anxiety, depression and hormonal changes also influence our sexual desire. Try to lead a more relaxed and healthy life and you will notice the difference.

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How to make my husband desire me more
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How to make my husband desire me more

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