How to Make Someone Miss You Badly

By Maria Victoria Malela. Updated: May 18, 2017
How to Make Someone Miss You Badly

One of 6 core human needs is significance. Naturally we want to feel that we matter in the eyes of people we love. When someone tells or shows you that they miss you, you recover that sensation that you matter to them, because on a daily basis, people may get accustomed to each other and may start taking them for granted. That is when the need to make someone miss you badly may arise. oneHOWTO openly discusses the topic and explains how to make someone miss you badly.

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Get a life

Go out, travel, meet interesting people, learn a new language, try new activities... Fall in love with your life! The only way a person is going to appreciate spending time with you is if your time is valuable. Indulge into activities that you personally love. It is important that you like these activities, as if you fake it the other person will see you're only pretending. Happiness acts like a magnet. Become the person you would want to spend time with, and you will be the person people look forward to having a coffee date with, because as usual, you have a lot of interesting things to talk about.

Say 'no' more often

The reason why we are able to appreciate music is the space between the notes, which allows the melody to gradually unfold and move us. Distancing yourself from people and being less clingy allows them to notice when you are not there and miss you. You don't have to say yes to everything or make yourself available every single time they call.

Enrich their life

People miss what they value, and what people value most is a person who brings value to their life. If you can add to their happiness, if you are genuinely interested in them, and if you can make them feel special, they will miss you when you are away, because people generally remember how you've made them feel. Listen, compliment them with sincerity and keep the conversation flowing.

How to Make Someone Miss You Badly - Enrich their life

Let others do the talking

We are more likely to miss a person when other people we know talk about them. But since not everyone in your network knows each other, you may as well use the network itself, in other words, social media. Frequently posting interesting content and appealing pictures where you are the life of the party will make people feel like they are missing out on something awesome by not being there with you.


If you want to make someone miss you badly it is very important that you don't become obsessive. You can follow the tips in this article, but the truth is that you cannot control how a person feels. If you find that you have to try hard for them to show the slightest interest for you, quickly move on. If you see you have to work too hard it might be because the other person doesn't have any interest in you. Know your worth and surround yourself with people who can truly appreciate you, people who will miss you because you are important to them.

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How to Make Someone Miss You Badly
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How to Make Someone Miss You Badly

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