How to Recover from a Serious Heartbreak

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Recover from a Serious Heartbreak

Getting over heartbreak means accepting that you'll no longer be with that person you've shared so many happy times. It means accepting that it's over and that you have to continue with your life. Not only that, but you have to assume that the other person will also do the same. You may feel lonely, insecure and fearful about the new situation, but you must be aware that everything passes and the pain will lessen over time. OneHowTo gives you some tips on how to overcome a serious heartbreak so you can go back to feeling good about yourself and so you can start a new life.

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Steps to follow:

Don't avoid your feelings of sadness. There is no point in avoiding feeling sad, because this forms part of the phases following a separation. Allow some time to pass, let it flow and you'll find yourself feeling much more cheerful. However, don't try to skip this "loss" or "grief" phase because it is natural and necessary for you to process what you are experiencing and let your feelings out. Keeping them inside or pretending you don't feel them will just cause emotional damage that will not help you to overcome your new situation.

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Keep active and make plans. Whilst living through this phase of sadness, it doesn't mean that it should consume you completely, so don't give up. Do different things to what you used to do with your partner and keep your mind occupied. That way, you won't allow yourself to sink deeper into feelings of sadness or won't abandon your personal hygiene, eating or beauty.

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Meet up with your friends and seek support from your family. Now you'll have time for you and to dedicate to seeing your friends, those you've not seen in a long time or those who you can be free to get to know better. Meeting up with friends in a bar will distract your mind and many more topics of conversation will come up than just your own. You should tell them so they know what the situation is but don't dominate all of the conversation. Listen to your friends and join in with their conversations although you may not feel like it beforehand. By joining in, you'll see how you'll gradually participate more and you won't be thinking about your heartbreak.

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Don't upset yourself by hating him or thinking that they are the only person in your life as this won't help you feel any better. Hate doesn't help you to move forward. Think in realistic terms. Think about the good but also the bad moments. Remember that it will never be like it was before but that some things didn't work, so that's why it has ended. Don't believe that they were the best because you've still got a chance to meet more people. Don't try to seek revenge either because this will only give them further evidence and it won't resolve anything.


Do not badmouth your ex-partner. Remember that there are two sides to every story with romantic break-ups. Don't try to justify your side because the other person also has friends and family who take their side. Consequently, respect others and don't talk with contempt about them or try to set everyone else against them at all costs. The problem is just between you two.

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With so many social networks to hand nowadays, they can be torture when you are trying to get over heartbreak. So, we recommend you leave them for a while or don't place too much importance on them. You may be continually aware of their updates, what they're posting, who is posting things and your head will be spinning, imagining things that aren't really happening, for better or for worse.

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How to Recover from a Serious Heartbreak
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How to Recover from a Serious Heartbreak

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