How to Say I Love You Without Saying It

How to Say I Love You Without Saying It

If you are wondering how to show someone you care or love them with or without words, you’ve come to the right place. Expressing love to your partner is fundamental in a relationship! Not only does it form a stronger bond between both involved, but it also helps keep the flame alive.

If you want to know how to show someone you care deeply and are appreciative of them, this article is for you! Keep reading here at oneHOWTO and discover our list of over 35 ways to show your partner you love them.

Creative ways to show love: care

This may seem obvious for you, but for some, especially for those in long relationships, it’s often forgotten. Never forget to show your boyfriend/girlfriend that you love and care for them, even if only through small intimate gesture such as hugs and caresses. Remember that a gesture, not matter how small, is worth a thousand words.

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Kiss you partner

As with hugs and caresses, kissing is an essential way to show someone you love them. We’re not saying you have to kiss him/her passionately all the time, although, short, tender and slow kisses can be incredibly charming and romantic. Even remembering to kiss your partner ‘goodnight’ and ‘good morning’ can make the world of a difference!

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How to tell someone you love them

Again, this may seem like a basic and obvious tip, but don’t forget the power of the three simple words ‘‘I love you.’’ You don’t tell you partner you love them constantly, but at the right time and when necessary, these words can really better a person’s day.

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How to show someone you love them with actions: surprises!

No need to wait for Valentine's Day or an anniversary to surprise your partner. Surprising your partner when they least expect it will show them that you really care and think about them. There’s no need to buy them an expensive gift or extravagant trip, but sometimes even the smallest things can put a smile on your partner's face. When it comes to surprising your partner, gift them with something personal. For example, if you know your partner loves pizza, order them one on a Tuesday night when they arrive home from work. If your partner is a hockey fan, buy them a ticket to the next game. The more thought put into it, even if small, the more appreciative they will be.

The importance of friendship in a relationship

Friedrich Nietzsche once said: "It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages." And we couldn’t agree more! Partners that are best friends always seem to have stronger relationships: laugh together, trust each other, tell secrets and gossip. The more open you both are, the more love and trust you will share together. If your partner knows that they can come to you with any problem and that, like a friend, you will always support them, this will form a base for a great relationship.

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How do you prove your love to someone: Breakfast

Preparing breakfast in bed for your partner is a simple but powerful act which can help you show someone you love them without words. If your schedule does not allow you to get up before him or her, take advantage of the weekends to prepare a delicious breakfast for you loved one.

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Tell your boyfriend/girlfriend how great they are

Telling your partner that they are pretty, handsome, cute, funny, honest and kind. Feeling confident with yourself, knowing your partner finds you attractive, is key to a healthy relationship. You don’t wait for special occasions to express your admiration for your partner.

Show your partner you love them by listening

This is one of the most important points when it comes to showing someone you love them: listen to your partner. Attentiveness and interest in your partner’s life will show them that they are present and visible in your life. If your partner is telling you a story, put your phone on silent, look them in the eyes and ask your partner questions (expect the same vice versa). An honest and transparent relationship where both partners feel listened to is what a healthy relationship is all about. If you ever feel that you cannot be honest or open with your partner, address this situation so that you don’t end up feeling invisible or ignored.

This tip is especially relevant if you’re trying to show someone you love them in a long distance relationship. In order to show your partner you love them, you must learn to be present. Not being physically present means you need other ways to be there for them.

Ask your partner how their day was

When we’re so busy with our own lives, work and personal stresses, it’s easy to forget to ask your partner how they are. Even if you’re busy, take 5 minutes to show your partner you love them and think about them. Even if you’re busy with work, when your partner comes home, don’t forget to ask how their day was.

Make your partner laugh

As we’ve already mentioned, laughter is key to a loving relationship. Making your partner laugh is not only a sign that you share a sense of humor, but cracking that odd joke or saying something you know will make your partner smile is sure to make you both feel happy together.

Make sure to dedicate time to having fun with your boyfriend or girlfriend!

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How do you prove your love to someone: dinner

Surely you’ve heard of the saying, ‘‘the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.’’ Well, just to clarify, this does not only apply to men. Show you partner you love them by inviting them to dinner at their favorite restaurant during the week, when they least expect it. And if for whatever reason you can’t do this, cook your partner dinner so that it’s ready for when they arrive home from work!

The importance of sex

Sex is a factor that, for many couples, is essential in a relationship. The fact of the matter is intimacy is a predominate pillar when it comes to forming a deeper bond with your partner. If you want to show your partner you love them, make sex a fun, safe and intimate experience. Dress up, introduce games and or set a romantic atmosphere.

You don’t need to go crazy and try positions you’re not comfortable with, just take these moments for what they are and with the respect that they deserve. Trust each other, show your partner that you want to make their fantasies come true and enjoy the passion between the two of you to its fullest. For more, read what are the most romantic sex positions.

Show someone you love them with a surprise trip

Yes, we know that this proposal is a bit more risky and less economically viable than the previous ones, but if you have the opportunity and the means, why not?

Monotony, work and stress can negatively affect relationships, so surprising your boyfriend or girlfriend with a fun trip is sure to add some fire to a relationship! Why not rekindle the flames with quality time together away from daily stresses and normal life?

Celebrate your partner’s achievements

To show love to your partner and maintain a healthy and strong relationship, you must put aside envy and resentment. If you want to show love to your boyfriend or your girlfriend, celebrate his/her achievements and rejoice with them when it comes to those life victories.

Sharing the best moments of your life (both personal and professional) with your partner will make your relationship stronger.

Surprise your partner with a romantic message

If you want to show your partner you love them during the day when you’re not with them, send them a romantic message just because you can. Don’t wait for birthdays or special events to take the time to write your partner why they are great. If you miss your partner, text them and tell them, these such messages are sure to be appreciated!

Not only will this small seemingly effortless gesture make your partner smile, but it will also show them you love them even from a distance. For some ideas about what your can write your partner, read our article where we list over 100 romantic whatsapp messages for your girlfriend.

How to show someone you love them by understanding

Apologize when necessary. When it comes to relationships, there is not space for pride and compromise is key. This advice is aimed, in particular, at those proud people who find it hard to say "I'm sorry". When it comes to maintaining a strong relationship, pride must be completely separated from love. In fact, forgiveness and repentance are essential in making sure you have a strong relationship.

If you have said something which wasn’t fair or haven’t paid enough attention to your partner, there is no harm in accepting you made a mistake and apologizing for it.

Show your partner you understand them

To love also means to respect and show interest in what is important to your partner. Another great and simple way to show love to your partner is to care about their family and your friends: ask them how they are, what are they doing, how they feel about them, etc.

It is also important that you make an effort to get along with your partner’s family and friends. Loving someone means accepting them and their entire life for what they are.

Share your goals and dreams

One of the best ways of showing someone you love them without words is by setting goals. Share these moments together, plan things to do together in the future and give you relationship substance through future plans.

By showing your partner you see yourself with them in the future, you can offer them the security one may need in order to feel stable in a relationship.

Let them choose

Whether choosing a restaurant, a play or a movie at the cinema: let him or her choose the plan and take turns. One of the most important factors one needs to consider when showing love is equality. If you tend to always go to your favorite restaurant, ask your partner what they want to do and shake it up with different suggestions!

Take initiative

Another way to show your partner you love them is by taking initiative. Take it upon yourself to plan new experiences to break the monotony of daily life. While it is true that you must let your partner choose some things, you also have to show some initiative so that your partner is aware that you care.

This point is also necessary when it comes to sex. Initiative in the bedroom is key to make sure both partner’s feel like they are treated as equals and desire each other equally.

Show your partner you love them through support

The most difficult moments are usually the most decisive. Whether it's a health problem, family conflicts or work issues, supporting your partner through tough times will show them that you care and will be there through both thick and thin.

Honesty in a relationship

Other than sex and care, love and honesty are two other incredibly important pillars in a relationship. For trust to remain strong and for a relationship to last, you must be honest with your partner at all times. Not only does that mean being loyal (although it is also very important) but it also signifies never hiding secrets that may affect your relationship.

Communication is key

Communicating with your boyfriend or girlfriend is one of the maximum signs of love and trust. Confess your problems, your doubts and your fears openly with your partner so that they know you trust them.

There are many couples who end up breaking up because they do not communicate effectively. If you are worried about something, whether it be related to the relationship or not, speak to your partner so that they can be there for you and vice versa.

Sharing is caring

Do you want to know how to show you love someone in a simple but effective way? Sharing is caring! And no, we’re not referring to only sharing achievements and dreams, but also sharing the smallest and simplest things. Selflessness in a relationship is irreplaceable. Share your food with your partner if they want to try it, watch a series together or share your favorite book with them.

Do stuff together

For a relationship to work, it is essential to have things in common. While it is true that everyone should have their own space and hobbies, few things will teach you how to love like that of having fun together. Go for a swim, go jogging, plan a hike in the mountains ... not only will you keep fit but it will also offer you the opportunity to make new memories together.

Memory box for a healthy relationship

If you want to know someone you love them, this is one of our most romantic proposals. Buy a nice box and add in it some of your favorite relationship : photos, movie tickets, love letters ... besides showing your partner you love them, it will also show your partner that you value your time spent together.

Avoid arguing

Again, this is not always possible. While it is true that sometimes it is inevitable that people get angry, there are many times, due to nerves and stress, that we get angrier than necessary.

These small arguments can end up damaging the trust and well-being within a relationship. Therefore, we recommend that you pick your battles carefully. Ask yourself, is this really worth fighting about before bringing up an issue?

Give your partner a massage

If you want to discover how to show love and satisfy your partner to the fullest, try a sensual massage! Here are two types of massages you can try:

  • Spontaneous massage: if your partner has had a bad day, let him/her relax quietly on the couch or in bed and massage his/her back or feet. You can do it while watching TV or before going to sleep. It is a simple gesture that, in addition to showing you care, will show attentiveness.
  • Romantic massage: if you’re looking for something more sensual, opt for an an erotic massage. Prepare an intimate environment with candles, music and massage oil focusing predominately on your partner’s erogenous zones. For more, read how to give a happy ending massage.

Write your partner a love letter

Few things can show love to a woman or a man like that of a love letter. Write down why you love your partner and how they make you feel.

If you like to write and you're good at it, you can always be a little more risky and write a love poem. Not only will it show that you think about him/her, but he/she will can keep this paper as a memory of your love.

Showing someone you love them over text

If you’re in a long distance relationship, this section is for you! Make sure to text your partner you love them before you go to bed, as well as the minute you wake up. Being far away from each other, you will need to make sure that your partner knows you are always there for him/her.

Remember that many times the simplest things are the most powerful. Send your partner a package with your favorite treats or a simple letter in the post, both sure to put a smile on their face! For more, read about the best apps to make long-distance relationships easier.

How to show someone you love them: long distance

If you are wondering how to show someone you love them without saying those words and in a long distance relationship, pop them a surprise visit! Yes, this can be quite expensive, but if you have the means, take a weekend off and go visit your partner without telling them beforehand.

In addition, don’t forget to keep the flame alive with phone sex, and if you’re never done it before, we’re here to help you! Read our guide to long distance sex.

Defend and respect your partner

It may sound obvious, but if you want to know how to show love to your partner you must know the importance of defending and respecting your relationship. This advice covers a very broad meaning, because it means that you have to value and protect your partner before all things.

Do not disrespect him or disregard his tastes and ideals and, above all, act the same in front of him / her than in front of your friends and / or relatives so that he / she can see that you are loyal and respect your commitment.

The power of a classic post-it

The famous and colorful post-it can be an ideal option when it comes to showing someone you love them without telling them. It’s a simple and romantic gesture that, without a doubt, will bring a smile to your partner’s face. Write romantic message or form a heart on a wall with the post-its to make sure your partner knows you care.

How to express your love to someone: flirt

Sometimes when you’ve been in a relationship for a long time, you forget about the power of flirting. Not only will flirting show your partner you love them, but it’s also a great base to start a more erotic and fun experience. Are you not a natural flirt? Don’t worry, we can help with these 8 tips to flirt with someone.

Help your partner

Our last tip when it comes to showing you love someone is to help them if they need you. Don’t wait for your partner to ask you for something, pay attention. If you notice your partner is struggling with something, either physically or mentally, give them a hand.


How do you prove your love to someone?

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