How to seduce a Gemini

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 20, 2017
How to seduce a Gemini

Quintessential intellectual lovers, Geminis value culture, wordplay, intelligence and mental agility. So to seduce them you must be at their intellectual level, which could represent an interesting challenge. Puns with smart hints are a good way to start flirting with them, but there are some clues to take into account, we give you them so that you can learn how to seduce a Gemini.

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Steps to follow:

In principle you should know that before you try, someone who could seduce a Gemini before your seduce them, is fun and spontaneous, so when you set in any situation it is good to flirt, so you should always be aware.


As like Aries, Gemini loves strength, and they shall be fixed on you only when you are as good as or better than them. Wordplay, puns and mental tricks are highly valued by this sign, if you get to be at his level or overcome they cannot help but notice you, and you have won the first point: their attention


Don't be silent, communication is vital to seduce a Gemini, be informed, know about the latest news is always important, and believe it or not is a point that could give rise to excitement, so take notice


A great way to seduce a Gemini is taking them on an adventure, they are attracted to escape the routine from time to time, so a weekend getaway, a day out of town or a different plan are definitely good ways to begin the act of seduction and get them to notice you


When the time for action arrives, they appreciate spontaneity. Making plans work sometimes, but if you want to seduce them, do not wait for it, any place is good for a passionate kiss and a sexual game that thrills and excites


Foreplay before sex is an important key to completely seduce a Gemini, it is something they fully enjoy, so should not be overlooked.

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  • Intelligence, communication and spontaneity are the most valued qualities for a Gemini
  • Fun cannot be left aside, remember that humour is a key for any sign of seduction

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How to seduce a Gemini
How to seduce a Gemini

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