How to Seduce a Leo

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Seduce a Leo

In the Art of Seduction, it says that for a Leo to fall for you and your charms, isn't easy. Because usually they're people who always want the best, appreciate art, like to be participants, are often leaders of different activities and always want to be in constant motion. Thus, with routine they usually die of boredom, which means that to seduce them, you can't always use a simple plan, you must go further and that's why we'll give you some important tips so you know how to seduce a Leo.

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Steps to follow:

To seduce a Leo, you must have some economic means, since often one of the qualities of this sign is the high regard they have for the good life, eating at great restaurants, attending art exhibitions, going out to new places. This kind of courtship often gets their attention and if you overlook it, they may not even notice your presence.


Leos not only like material objects, it's a combination of this with romance. That is, a fancy dinner at a nice restaurant doesn't mean a thing if there's no romantic element, so in the seduction game, you should always have a special gift for the person, beyond just taking out your credit card and paying


To seduce a Leo you can't always fall into a routine, but a lack of financial means can also surprise them with creativity. Try a dinner at home thoughtfully prepared with candles and romance. Even though it's at home, make them feel that you're a wise choice and always offer them the best, this is of great importance. It's important you let leo be the star of the moment, don't steal the spotlight or he or she will never forgive you.


If, after all of these recommendations, they still haven't noticed you, say it explicitly. Leos love attention . Taking the time to conquer and seduce them is important to remember when attempting to charm a Leo. This is also due to the fact that they like having a choice, and thus may have other romantic interests going on at the same time as you. If you don't like competing, it's better to forget about leos.

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  • Glamour, variety and feeling that they're cared for are things to consider when seducing a Leo
  • Don't forget that the longer you're together, you should always make them feel important, they value this greatly

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How to Seduce a Leo
How to Seduce a Leo

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