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How to seduce a Taurus

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to seduce a Taurus

Taurus (born between April 21 and May 21) appreciate the arts and beauty in general, responsible people who are full of conviction, but that can have fun too, if there is an important key to seduce a Taurus it is never become the centre of attention and that is because Taureans love discretion. If you are passionate about one, then here are some tips to consider so you know how to seduce a Taurus

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Steps to follow:


Everything comes by sight, so for Taureans who are more classic and simple, extravagant clothing is not a selling point, they do not value people who love being the centre of attention, so if you are discreet you can catch their attention.


People who fantasise too much are not a Taurus's favourite, they appreciate stability and security more, someone with a good job, a stable family, etc.. Realistic people are more likely to go well with this sign. They also value feeling safe, so sometimes to win them over you must go where they feel comfortable.


Good food fascinates Taurus. If you love being in the kitchen, you definitely have a point in your favour. If your scheme is to seduce a Taurus, we suggest you plan the first date at a modest restaurant with food that is out of this world.


Although enjoyed by most people, Taureans generally especially enjoy kissing on the neck, and playing with that area.


Taureans manage to combine gastronomy with sex in a great way, so a great way to seduce them and give them a night of passion is to blindfold them and get them to eat food from parts of your body, give them a taste of everything, using erotic foods like strawberries, chocolate and cream, while you kiss them and they explore your body.

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  • Security and stability are two important keys for people of this sign to notice you
  • Do not seek to draw your attention to yourself, make sure they notice you in a clever not scandalous way
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How to seduce a Taurus