How to seduce my husband or boyfriend every day

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 20, 2017
How to seduce my husband or boyfriend every day

Seduction, so typical of the early stages of the relationship, is an essential ingredient to keep the passion and fully enjoy your sex life. But many people wonder how to keep it alive among occupations, responsibility and routine, so on we give you some simple tips for you to discover how to seduce your partner daily with small details.

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Steps to follow:

Say no to routine! This is definitely one of the worst enemies of relations, and can lead to break ups. We're not talking about the work routine, or activities that you do every day, but the routine in the relationship: always doing the same thing, eating in the same places, the same sexual positions... all the same again and again. Surprise is necessary, cook a different dish, make a plan that is not the usual, try some fun sexual positions and live your private life to the fullest.


Search for a private space, especially when you have kids or many occupations. In this scenario it is easy to feel tired every day, but it is important to reserve a place for seduction, the same way we spend some of our time working, we should also spend some of our time to rest and another space for leisure.

Take advantage of the times when children are not at home, it is important to educate them to understand the parents' room is an intimate space they should not invade unless it's important. Dedicate at least a few minutes in the evening to your partner, to discuss and strengthen ties, remember that intimacy and seduction deserve their space.

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How to seduce my husband or boyfriend every day - Step 2

A moment just for you: No children, no friends, and no worries. Daily seduction also means creating environments conducive to it. At least once a week, or every two weeks, plan an event in which you are alone together to have fun and enjoy yourselves to the fullest.


Say what you feel! As the loss of seduction and ardour has to do precisely with that. As time passes we demonstrate our affection for that person. Hugging, kissing, petting, compliments, sharing encouraging words, are details that nourish and reinforce the relationship, allowing seduction to always be close to the surface.


Don't just seduce them on special occaisions. Love and relationships are built every day so there is always an excuse to go ahead and have fun together. Remember that small details count: breakfast in bed, a touch, a word of love, a small but significant gesture, are all necessary elements romance.


And if you still have doubts we invite you to experiment! There's nothing better than to add a touch of seduction to live new experiences together.

No need to travel to exotic destinations, go to eat out every day or costly planning meetings every week. Seduction is an attitude and a state of mind that depends heavily on how we approach our partner, so be open to the possibility of experimenting with him / her new and simple things and enjoy watching the temperature of your ratio increases.

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How to seduce my husband or boyfriend every day
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How to seduce my husband or boyfriend every day

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