How to Seduce Someone by Their Zodiac Sign

How to Seduce Someone by Their Zodiac Sign

Seducing someone is no easy task, and to really win someone's heart you will need all the help you can get. If you are unsure how to seduce someone then why not base your technique on their Zodiac sign. Keep reading and let oneHOWTO give you some tips on how to seduce someone by their zodiac sign, with plenty of information about each sign of the zodiac.

Each star sign has particular traits or characteristics and it is important that we consider their compatibility with ours. Want to know more ? Keep reading this oneHOWTO article on how to seduce someone using Astrology.

Steps to follow:

Aries: People with the Aries star sign are passionate, impulsive, proud and dominant. Natural leaders, rebels and free-spirited, they cannot tolerate being controlled by anybody. If you want to seduce an Aries, be free-spirited, open and free of any complexes. Aries are strong, confident in themselves and honest, and they are repelled by lies or weakness. When they meet their suitable partner, they'll open up their heart and share all their love and passion.


Taurus: First and foremost, don't damage their pride as they will never forgive you and will not let you get close. The best way to seduce a Taurus is to let them know that your intentions are pure and you want a steady relationship which is, above all, not a just a temporary fling. If you're taking a Taurus out on a date, remember that they tend to love comfort and luxury. Also, remember to be witty and make them laugh - they find a good sense of humour attractive.

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Gemini: In order to seduce a Gemini, you need to put a lot of effort into winning their heart - surprise them with gifts, take them to places they've not yet visited, etc. When thinking about how to seduce zodiac signs, you should know this one in particular does not need any reason to be lavished with gifts. They simply adore attention, presents and compliments.

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Cancer: They're sensitive so be careful not to offend them and always shows an interest in their creative flair. In this case, to seduce someone by their zodiac sign, do not ever tell them what to do, and avoid disagreeing with them too often. If you are trying to seduce a Cancerian, be careful not to let them down because they'll hold a grudge against you.

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Leo: In order to win the heart of a Leo, play sport or carry out a particular activity with them that gives them the chance to show off their agility. Never behave selfishly around them and always trust their word. To make them feel comfortable, take a back seat and let them do a lot of the talking so that they feel they are in charge. Take them to a fancy place on the first date, because they love luxury and showng off.

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Virgo: they're meticulously clean and tidy so make sure you give this impression as they cannot abide mess or dirt. Also surprise them with a neatly wrapped gift. To seduce a virgo, show them how generous you are and learn to earn their trust.

Learning to seduce a Virgo is no easy task, so make sure you come across as a loyal and loving person to earn their love and affection. If you are lucky you might discover what a Virgo is like in bed.


Libra: they're true romantics so remember to surprise them with romantic gestures. Libras don't like anything ordinary or routine, so show them that relationship with you can be truly extraordinary. If you're wondering how to seduce a Libra, you should know that they're also extremely curious individuals so remember to mix things up to surprise and seduce them.


Scorpio: they are very strong-minded individuals and believe in actions over words. They won't be flattered by any typical gifts or compliments, so surprise them with original presents and above all, be decisive.

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Sagittarius: They're clear about what they want and are only interested in people on the same wavelength as themselves. As well as this, they don't like to be tied down as they value their freedom. Other characteristics of this star sign are that they tend to be responsible and optimistic.

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Capricorn: They command respect, are very punctual and are also prone to pessimistic thinking. If you want to seduce a Capricorn, you need to lift their spirits to capture their heart. Read this article for more information about what to expect when you are in love with a Capricorn.


Aquarius: They need a person who fully appreciates them as a person and they need to feel loved and cherished. They need a strong stable person and so avoid causing them emotional stress. To seduce an aquarius, you should always be open with them and have interesting conversations.

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Pisces: They will never like anyone who is the slightest bit pedantic or stuck-up. You'll catch their attention by talking about your dreams or unexplained, strange things. They like to live in their own world with their head in the clouds, so avoid bringing them down to reality - try to be subtle and delicate withe their feelings.

If you want to seduce a Pisces, showing kindness is the key to their heart.

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