How to solve a relationship crisis

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to solve a relationship crisis

In a relationship there are periods where everything is going good and times when things can get a little difficult. But when those moments become something consistent and persistent in a couple we can call it a relationship crisis. There are couples that do not stand this situation and decide to separate, others on the contrary want to work on their weaknesses and carry on. If this is your alternative, on we have some tips for you to discover how to solve a relationship crisis and improve as a couple.

Steps to follow:

There are many types of couple crisis and triggers can be very different, so the first step is to try to analyze what is causing the problem. If it is accumulated tension, stress, problems with children, family problems, sexual routine, etc. Depending on the reason the focus may vary, although some recommendations are valid in any situation, those are the ones that we address in this article.


Once the problem is detected it is necessary to talk about it. Communication is essential to resolve a couple crisis, but it's not about blaming the other or crying but speaking effectively. Respect eachother's point of view and try not to end the conversation in a row, remember you are trying to solve conflict, not create a new one.


To solve any situation in our lives we must be willing to do so, as this is the first step. A relationship crisis is no exception, so both sides must be willing to engage in the process attempting to overcome their differences. Ending a couple crisis is not easy, it requires a lot emotional intelligence to deal with conflict successfully.


It is important to recover the ties that bound you in the past, especially when we feel that these are lost. Instead of thinking about the negative things of that person, it is necessary to reconnect with the positive, so some specialists recommend performing a hobby together, something passionate, and try every day to find the good things about that person that we have made next to him during the time that the relationship has lasted.

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It is also necessary to respect each other's space and get back what may have been lost. Many couples face conflicts when limits are transferred and another's space is invaded. Having separate plans and activities is necessary not only for the health of the individual, but also there is the opportunity to surprise the other and want to share with him / her.


In cases of deep crisis in which one or both partners have lost confidence, self-esteem or security, where limits have been violated and where it seems that there is nothing to rescue, they should go to couples therapy for a specialist to guide them along the way to get their relationship stronger.


Do not be afraid to go to a specialist, we often need the help of a third party to overcome a family crisis and continue together in harmony and tranquillity.

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How to solve a relationship crisis
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How to solve a relationship crisis

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