How to solve couple problems

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to solve couple problems

In a relationship there are always disagreements, but this does not mean that the relationship doesn't work. It is common for a couple to argue about certain situations, but the important thing is knowing how to confront this discussion and how to resolve it properly to not take strength from the relationship. If you feel that arguments with your partner have become part of the daily routine and that there is not good communication between you, do not be discouraged, you can get out of this situation and solve your couple problems.

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Steps to follow:

Talk to your partner. Try to sit down and talk about what's not working in your relationship. But promptly address that issue, beyond the attitudes that either have had on different occasions. Tell each other what you feel and how you feel about this situation. A relationship is built with two, so everyone has a share of responsibility for this problem.


Identify the reasons for the latest arguments. Every fight, even little dispute, has a reason that was not talked about at the time. Try to identify the problem to solve, ask yourself: Is this a real reason? Did the situation call for me to react that way?


Respect above all. Avoid derogatory terms and insults. You must respect each other and not hurt each other. Try to be as sincere as possible about what happens without hurting each other.


Try to improve your communication. Good communication is a foundation of any relationship. Talk things over avoids misinterpretation, especially silent anger and resentment. It is important to keep old problems out of arguments. Each situation has to be unique and resolved at the time.


Recognize couple problems to solve them. When you are aware that you made a mistake admit it. Admitting mistakes makes you stronger and allows the relationship to grow. It is important to talk about how you feel and the reason you acted in such a way.


Think positive. Think of everything you love about your partner and that leads you to want to fix your problems.


Think of new ways of acting. Concentrate on the changes you need and think about how to make those changes. Both should maintain a flexible attitude and both have to change in order to have a healthy and strong relationship.

In order for you to solve the problem with a win for both of you, the key is to find what is most important for you regarding this matter, so you can give in regarding other matters so that your partner can give in on his/her side.


Live in the present. Once the argument is resolved, leave behind everything that has to do with the past, focus on the present. Do not forget your projects together, shared moments and all those things that make you happy.

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  • You can visit a psychologist for counselling to help fix couple problems.

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How to solve couple problems
How to solve couple problems

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