How to stay erect for longer

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to stay erect for longer

There are many factors involved in penile erection: the vascular aspect linked to circulation, the hormonal aspect covering the endocrine system and the psychological aspect related to stimuli that cause arousal, are the most involved in the process. And beyond miracle cures and false promises, at OneHowTo we give you some key points linked to your habits to discover how to stay erect longer and improve your sex life. Photo: Google Images

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Your diet

It is evident that poor nutrition is reflected in all aspects of your life including sex, so if you want to improve your erections remember the following recommendations:

  • Increase your zinc intake as this mineral plays a role in testosterone production that influences sexual desire and performance.
  • Eat enough carbohydrates and protein to keep your energy levels up, which allow you to have more and better sex.
  • Avoid fatty and junk foods and choose healthier ones, eat vegetables and fruits daily that provide nutrients that improve your health and promote circulation, essential for good erections.

Physical activity

Exercise is not only important to keep you in optimum condition and higher stamina for sex, but it also directly benefits the quality and power of your erections due to how it can improve your circulatory system. When we do cardiovascular activities like swimming, running, cycling or aerobic classes, it improves our blood circulation which leads to quicker and longer-lasting erections, whilst a sedentary lifestyle could badly affect this aspect.

Sex positions

The sex positions that you choose can also influence your erection, those in which you're on top or upright such as doggy style, missionary, the trapeze or the deep one, allow your blood to flow better, helping you to stay erect for longer. This does not work as effectively when she is on top. That does not mean you can never use other positions but remember your goal is to last a little longer than usual.

Medication and excesses

Some medications for certain conditions, such as depression or various psychological disorders, affect your quality of erections. This is why before taking any prolonged treatment you should consult your specialist about its effect on your sex life. Moreover excesses of alcohol, tobacco and drugs affect your health and your erections, so remember this and control yourself.

Sex toys

Not only are these for having fun with your partner or experiencing new things but they can also help you increase your power. Cock rings have been specifically created to enhance erections. They are very simple to use and with a doubt will make your sex much more intense and pleasurable. Find out how to choose the right cock ring for you in this article.

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  • Enjoy your sex life and follow these tips to improve your erections.
  • If you have too much trouble getting or staying erect, don't hesitate to consult a specialist who can help you with this important issue.

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How to stay erect for longer
How to stay erect for longer

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