How to Stop Yourself From Coming Quickly - Karezza Method

How to Stop Yourself From Coming Quickly - Karezza Method

Are you looking to spice up your sex life or try something new with your partner? If so, this is the page for you! There are several different ways people can make sex more exciting, sex toys and role playing are just two of them. But, have you ever considered trying Tantric sex or, better yet, the Karezza method? Not only is this method great fun, but it’s a way of tackling premature ejaculation and learning to control orgasms.

If you are looking to explore the world of spiritual sex while creating a deeper bond with your partner and controlling your orgasms, keep reading here! So if you’re wondering, ‘‘How to stop yourself from coming quickly,’’ In this OneHOWTO article we’ll be delving into the world of controlled intercourse with Karezza so that you can enjoy some Karezza experiences to the fullest.

Steps to follow:

Inspired by the tantric philosophy, the Karezza technique consists of controlling ejaculation. Karezza directly translates to "caress" from Italian. As in Tantric sexology, the aim is that one does not reach orgasm immediately. The goal is for both sexes to experience a powerful union simultaneously and deeply.

For more about the history of Karezza, we recommend reading J.William Lloyd’s book, ‘‘The Karezza Method.’’ This book analyzes everything you need to know about the Karezza method as a deeply investigated manual[1].

Explained simply, the aim of The Karezza method is to experience a controlled intercourse whereby the spiritual meeting of both people is stronger than the passionate one. For more about tantric sex, we recommend reading: how to have tantric sex.

Read on for how to practice Karezza and learn to control ejaculation.


Karezza: how to

To start of the Karezza technique first:

  1. Snuggle up against your partner
  2. Look into each others eyes while also listen and paying attention to breath.
  3. The goal is to become aware of the other: skin, smell and breath.

From there, you should begin caressing each other calmly and sensitively for at least 20 minutes. Make sure that you have time so that you can truly indulge yourself in this experience.

In addition to caressing, you can also add soft massages and kiss, always thinking of the other. In Karezza, the aim is to think of your partner’s pleasure before your own.


Next you and your partner will move your caresses from the body to touching each other’s genitals : gently, slowly and tactfully. If you shiver, it's because you're on the right track. Close your eyes and let yourself be carried away by the flow of sensations. Keep the movement gentle and exploratory, trying to also control yourself so that you don’t get too carried away, just yet.


Couple masturbation is an important aspect of Karezza sex, but remember that you have to try keep everything at a slow pace to allow for prolonged enjoyment.


Whines of pleasure are inevitable, but avoid words as much as possible to focus exclusively on sensations.


By not directly aiming for ejaculation, you promote the production of oxytocin, the hormone of love. This helps grow the feeling of harmony and complicity within a couple.


Orgasms can occur during Karezza. If you wish, continue the sensual interaction through sexual intercourse. But remember that your partner’s pleasure is the aim and vice-versa. The aim is to listen and begin to read each other’s bodies. What is your partner’s body telling you about what you’re doing and want they want, enjoyment? Need? Or the desire for something else?


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  • Bien que la technique Karezza soit basée sur le coït interrompu, il ne s'agit nullement d'un moyen contraceptif.

1 J. William Lloyd, The Karezza Method: Or Magnetation, the Art of Connubial Love (1931).