How to Stroke a Man in Bed - Tricks to Caress him & Drive him Mad!

How to Stroke a Man in Bed - Tricks to Caress him & Drive him Mad!

Want to arouse your partner but aren't sure how? When it comes to sex, there are lots of things you can and should do before penetration to make the experience an unforgettable one. Good sex shouldn't be rushed; attention needs to be given to every last detail, and foreplay plays an important role - this is the prelude to the main event, and the time when both bodies are most hungry for sex. This oneHOWTO article will show you how to stroke a man in bed so you can give him maximum pleasure in the bedroom.

Steps to follow:

A good way to set the mood is to start to stroke your man in bed is to begin caressing his ear with your fingertips. Then bring your lips close to his face and whisper a few risqué phrases into his ear, to put him in the mood. As you whisper things to him, you can also start kissing the inner and outer part of his ear.

The ear is one of the most sensitive and stimulating parts of the body for men and women, so it's a good place to start.


Another hot spot to stroke a man in bed is the neck. Start by gently caressing his neck and then start to press down a little bit, giving him a sort of light massage. Then start kissing his neck slowly before stepping up the pace, and as he gets more aroused use your tongue and gently nibble the area as well.

You need to combine gentle caresses with more passionate ones if you want your man to enjoy the experience. If you do it slowly and gently the whole time he'll end up getting bored, whereas if you do it really quickly you might tire yourself out. The key is to combine the two. Have a look at this oneHOWTO article to learn about the best techniques to give good neck kisses.


Another part of the body to caress to arouse men is the back. You can start by massaging the area, then move on to kissing and licking it, and start to take things up a notch. Most men like it when you give them light scratches, and you can also take off your top and brush his back with your breasts while whispering to him what you're doing. Use your imagination and experiment with the way you touch him to make the experience pleasurable for him. This is the perfect beginning to a tantric massage.


Work your way down the body and begin to focus on the the lower part of the stomach. This is particularly arousing for men as you're getting closer to the genitals, and the area is very sensitive to touch. Start by caressing the area round the belly button and move your fingers down past the hips, gently brushing his pubic hair with your hand without going all the way to the penis. Go back up and caress him again in the same direction in order to tease him a little.

Make him wait and leave him wanting the sexual contact - this is the perfect way to arouse him. Combine your caresses with wet kisses - it will make him want you more than ever.


It's now time to focus on his inner thigh. At this point, your partner's member will almost certainly show that he's feeling aroused. Run your fingers around it and brush the penis without touching it. You can stroke it gently with one finger but make it look like an "accident", and do it sparingly. To really get him going, kiss round the area and nibble gently without moving up all the way to the genitals.


The next step is to caress his penis. Start with the perineum, i.e. the part between the testicles and the anus, which is one of the main male hot spots. But you can also go directly for the penis or testicles. Start by stroking gently, moving your hand down slowly so that he feels the contact, and then progressively increase the pace, caressing both the penis and testicles together. You can move on to a great masturbation session.

If you want to, you can then give him oral sex to make his experience truly unforgettable.


It's not only your fingers that can stroke a man in bed, you can also use other organs of your body to caress him and turn him on.

For example, the brush of your hair on his back will tickle his appetite for more, especially if he likes using a whip in bed too, as it may remind him of what's to come.

Another example is to use your breasts. Caressing a man's torso with your nipples hard and gently pressing your breast against his body will make him go crazy and leave him wanting more.

Similarly, using your tongue to stroke a man in bed will no doubt offer excellent results. Stroking his nipples with the tip of your tongue and gently blowing over them is a great trick to use.

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  • Certain people have fetishes with different parts of the other person's body, so ask and discover if your guy has a certain body part fetish to stroke him with that member.