How to Tell a Guy You Want to Have Sex

How to Tell a Guy You Want to Have Sex

Do you want to tell your partner that you want sex? Don't be ashamed and above all you should remember that men normally want to have sex most of the time. So you just have to think of the most sensual and fun way to surprise your guy with that request. You should set your shyness aside and get straight down to saying what you want openly. At oneHOWTO we show you how to tell a guy you want to have sex.

Steps to follow:

One of the most effective techniques to have sex is by saying exactly what you need and want. It never hurts to be clear and specific with your desires, and you might get what you want. This method is not suitable for timid or insecure people but you have to try.

At your request you can add sexual caresses, massages, games and even another very sexy message. If your sexual advances don't work, you can opt for absolute clarity and tell him when you return home you are going to have a session of passionate sex together.


Don't think you're going to embarrass your partner; if there is mutual attraction, you don't need to be afraid or embarrassed at his reaction. Learn to know and ask for what you want without fear. Communication is the key, let your man know that he can trust you, then he can be open to anything and whatever you want. If your guy knows that he can trust you as his partner, when you come to tell a guy you want to have sex he will be more inclined to respond. Face these times calmly, when one partner wants and wishes, they can ask for sex without any fear or shame.


One way to tell a guy you want to have sex is by being suggestive by asking for cuddles and caresses in a very sensual way. Caress his neck, touch his hair, move your lips gently over his skin... These sweet gestures can be very revealing and you won't need to say anything because your partner will be on the same page. Tell him that you feel like your desire for him is building and that will create the spark needed for a session of wild sex.


Another option is to encourage and tell a guy you want to have sex is with hot phrases. Be bold and release the most wicked part of you, you can be very direct or less so according to how comfortable you are with it. Tell him that his scent is turning you on, that you want to feel his body on your own, you need his heat, you have an idea in mind and you're dying to do it to him, etc.

In the following article, we help you by showing you some of the sentences to seduce a man with words.


Another surefire way to tell a guy you want to have sex is by giving them that look. If you use your eyes to evoke sensuality, tenderness and delicacy, your guy is sure to perfectly interpret what you mean. Use your eyes together with your movements and gestures to get his attention and get him burning with desire. If you're quite a shy girl, you can do a very sexy dance for him as you look at him passionately letting him imagine what comes next.

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