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How to Tell if a Man is Playing You

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Tell if a Man is Playing You

When you start dating a man, you can't help but be captivated by his charms, praise and presents. However, when the honeymoon stage is over, suddenly, without warning, insecurity can creep into your mind as well as distrust.

Usually this happens because your intuition, wise intuition! Warns you that there are certain behaviours and attitudes that stop you from being sure that this guy is serious. In these cases, it's better to pay attention to your analytical skills to know if you've fallen into the hands of a ladies man. However, this is no easy task, so we have an article for you at OneHowTo.com how to tell if a man is playing you.

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Steps to follow:

How to tell if a man is playing you? The first thing you should do is pay attention to how often and when he communicates with you. If he doesn't call or write you during the day and only shows up late at night, he could be playing with you. But why this behaviour? When a man is unfaithful, it's common that he communicates only when he feels like it and not when he should. In general, he only shows up when he's alone and is sure there's no chance of his partner discovering what he's up to.

Another sign that he has someone else and is playing you is when he takes you out only in certain areas of the city or always invites you to his place. He might also choose places where he'll avoid being caught in the act, allowing his infidelity to remain hidden.

How to Tell if a Man is Playing You - Step 1

However, he may also be playing you without having a partner. So, to answer this question, you should also think about whether your encounters are always just for sex. When a man doesn't take a woman seriously and doesn't want to be in a relationship or share anything beyond casual sex. This may be the reason that he never took you to the movies, or out to dinner or to take a stroll in the city. It's not what he's looking for!

How to Tell if a Man is Playing You - Step 2

Another way to tell if he's playing you is if he erases all evidence that can link the two of you on any social networks. How? If he deletes the photos you post, or doesn't have you as a friend on Facebook or Instagram. Why? Because he wants everyone to think that he's single and, even worse, available, i.e. he has no interest in your being connected to him in any way.

How to Tell if a Man is Playing You - Step 3

You can also determine if he's playing with you if, at this point, you don't know any of his friends. The reason for this is the same as above. He doesn't want anyone to know about your connection and for that reason, he sees his friends without you, goes to parties alone and makes it clear that he doesn't want his space invaded because after all, you've only started to date.

How to Tell if a Man is Playing You - Step 4

Notice whether his behaviour is erratic because that can indicate if he's playing with you. When a man appears one day and then disappears for two, it's because he only wants to see you when he feels like it. If one day he hasn't communicated with you and you write him to see if he's free, it's obvious that he's playing you if he tells you that he's busy, but if he quickly writes you back, it means that he'd like to see you soon. Interpret soon not as tomorrow, but just, soon.


Instead of wondering if he's playing with you, just ask yourself how much you'd like to know. The answer may be revealing. When a man is playing with you, he has no interest in getting to know you at all, he doesn't care who your friends are, how your day went , how it went at work, what job position you have or how many people there are in your family. Therefore, communication is based on superficial conversations and doesn't delve into your private life whatsoever.


Another sign to know if he's playing with you is how he talks about his ex-girlfriends. If he's told you that his ex was evil or speaks ill of his former partners, it may imply that he's never succeeded in any relationship, perhaps because he never made the effort to try to make it work. This may also indicate that he's still hurt and emotionally involved with someone from his past.


Other more subjective signs that he's playing with you are, if he never demonstrates physical affection in public, if he acts suspiciously when someone calls him on his mobile. Or if he can never commit to a plan that's in a month, if he's reluctant to refer to you as his girlfriend or if he doesn't give you any details about when he goes out alone.

Find out how to know if a man is in love with you at OneHowTo.com.

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How to Tell if a Man is Playing You