How to Tell if He's in Love with Me

How to Tell if He's in Love with Me

The early stages of a relationship are beautiful and as time passes, the relationship evolves into something stronger; love. You know he likes you, and you're pretty sure you love him. But does he love you back? The truth is that love is hard to hide, so at OneHowTo we give you some clues to tell if he's in love with you. Pay attention!

He uses any silly excuse to call you

He calls to hear from you, hear your voice, to laugh together... Whenever you have a free moment, he sends you a message or calls you, and he finds it hard to go any length of time without hearing from you. This is a good sign that he loves you and also that he may be falling for you.

He constantly talks about you

When he is with his friends or other people, he talks about you constantly, talking about different experiences you have had together and he always includes you in his plans. He even sometimes speaks in the plural, using we instead of I, indicating that he not only sees a future with you but is also hopeful about where your relationship will go. It is very possible that if he does this, it is because he's in love with you.

He likes spending time with you

To him, your company is essential. Of course he may want to do other things in which he doesn't include you (such as go to out with his friends), but in general he always asks you to accompany him and he enjoys your being there. This means that you are a part of his life on a very profound level, something which only comes with love.

You've met his friends

If you have already met all his friends, including his closest ones, it means that he is in love with you and is not afraid to show you off to his loved ones, and wants to share you with them and them to love you like he does. When our partner includes us in their daily lives and wants us to be part of their daily lives, it is because they love us.

You take pictures together

He loves to take photographs of you and show them off with pride. He likes to see how you look together and even the idea generates excitement, another sign of love. Your man doesn't want to hide you away; he wants everyone to celebrate that you are together.

He shows affection

If he does little signs of affection such as cuddling, kissing, holding hands, always being together, even in public places, it is obvious that he enjoys being in contact with you.

He includes you in his plans and decisions

If he consults with you decisions he has to make this is a clear sign that he loves you. This means that he thinks your opinion is also important and that it matters to him.

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